Leadership Insight From a Friend


I was speaking with a fellow graduate about military and law enforcement actions in regard to the citizenry. We might have hit on something that sheds some light on how the perception of authority affects us on both sides of the wall.


I post this part of the conversation here because I know a few of you are reading my leadership papers on the main website in an effort to advance your own understanding. So consider the following in your studies:

My friend said that “military leaders often accidentally become pseudo-transformational leaders. That they use power, fear and punishment to manipulate their subordinates into accomplishing tasks.

This is actually extremely insightful. I have thought about aspects of this on numerous occasions. Both military and law enforcement very often become either pseudo-transformational or even transactional leaders after having joined their respective groups with the intent of being authentic transformational.

I ponder the reason for this shift. Are they being jaded by the job itself; the stress perhaps? Not that it excuses the behavior in any way, but it sure is something to ponder. Perhaps that should be an area of focus moving forward in this discipline, something to be on the lookout for in regard to oversight, and something to be wary of as far as the citizenry is concerned.

Insight from a great friend… or at least some things to ponder I suppose.