A New Year is upon us. This means, new resolutions, new dreams and new adventures. For some, it means going to the gym for about a month. For others, it will be a life altering experience which might include moving and starting a whole new life.

It’s not that uncommon at all actually. Depending on how you would like to count it, roughly 12-14% of all Americans move each year. That’s roughly 40 million people who will pack up their things and head out to a different dot on the map.

Some of you will move for a job, but some will move because they are tired of where they are at. So how do you decide? Where should you move to? Where will you be able to find people like you? Where will your chances be greater at finding meaningful employment?

Well, before you find that perfect city or neighborhood, you need to know which states you’ll want to avoid. Our research indicates that people tend to avoid areas based on crime, drugs use, education, unemployment, and of course, personal values. So, here’s a quick an easy way to begin to search.

The majority of the maps you will see are gradient based. Meaning, the closer to either color the state shows, the more it sways towards that heading. However, you will notice that most states are quite mixed. I’ll spell out an example for clarity.

Example – Education: The brighter the orange, the more people with bachelor degrees you will find. The lighter the orange (and closer to white) the few people with bachelor degrees you’ll be able to find.

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