Which Reality Do You Live In?

Is it weird to anyone else that we have to ask which reality we live in? So basically, we are talking about whether or not the mountain just suddenly appears from the haze or whether it appears to rise up from the horizon. The same experiment can be performed with a skyscraper or any other mammoth landmark that can be seen and tracked over a great period of time and distance. That’s why I like large mountains coming from the plains. Let me explain.

My favorite in regard to this experiment is to drive Westbound from Salina Kansas to Colorado Springs on I-70. This is because the road there is relatively flat, you have to travel for hours and the results are undeniable. This is seriously just about all one would need to prove this to themselves.

The thing to consider in this experiment is that the elevation of Salina Kansas is 1,227 ft and the elevation of Colorado Springs is 6,035 ft. That’s a substantial difference. Additionally, the mountains surrounding Colorado Springs are even higher.

So, if the earth is indeed flat, then the higher elevation should simply appear from the haze. However, if the earth is round, the higher elevation will appear to rise up from the horizon.

Through this experiment, you can simply apply logic. Can you guess which actually happens? I’ve taken this trip many times and encourage you to do the same.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just like any science experiment, you can easily mess this up by deliberately messing it up. For instance: if you choose a shorter building on a descending road over a shorter distance, you will get a flat-ish effect. Choose ridiculous examples and you’ll get ridiculous results. Be honest with yourself if you are truly curious and be honest with your results. Then… be angry with your school for allowing you to graduate without ensuring that something so simple couldn’t be questioned by so many.