The GrassFire Proposal Model


The GrassFire Proposal Model (GF Proposal Model) is a suggestion that I provide to my students regarding organizational communication, problem identification and evaluation, and resolution exploration.

Follow your organizations formatting expectation and norms regarding layout.

Step 1: Provide your proposal to leadership in a typed format. This is to ensure professionalism, legibility, and conciseness. Additionally, ensure that you have made a copy for yourself and that the file is saved in a secure location.

Step 2: The presentation should open with a clear and concise description of the issue to be considered. This should not be overly wordy or long. Ensure that this part is lays out the issue in a matter of fact way and attempt to remove emotional bias from the proposal.

Step 3: Next, you will want to provide a detailed explanation of why it is an issue, and/or what will likely occur as a result of this issue.

Step 4: Provide at least three viable and detailed solutions for the issue being presented. Having three options provides for better decision making and demonstrates that you are not providing knee-jerk reactions.

Step 5: Provide a recommendation of one of the solutions listed. This allows you to demonstrate deep thought and decision making capabilities.

Step 6: Provide an explanation of exactly why you have chosen the selected solution. This merely supports the previous steps and provides rationale and context for leadership to consider.

This model is a great supplement for use with the Three Part Communication Model and Validation Exchange Theory.

Use of this work is permitted with proper citation.

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