Dr. Michael W Shuck, DO – REVIEW



Dr. Michael W Shuck, DO – Family Medicine


Primary Medical Associates – Wichita Kansas



Reason for Visit:

Primary Care Physician

My Rating:


What I Liked:

Dr. Shuck is an amazing man. I really enjoyed him – not only as a doctor but as a person. He knew he wasn’t perfect, but he was a nice guy who tried hard and was willing to listen. This is a man you can trust and someone that I have the utmost respect for.

What I Didn’t Like:

Our doctor/patient relationship came to an abrupt end when he hired a nurse that didn’t have HIS better interest in heart. Ultimately, she undermined our relationship and, from what I understand, began to cause drama in the office and with his patients. I ended up caught in the crossfire of this, and the fallout ultimately (and regretfully) ruined that relationship.

For clarity, I had been prescribed medication for a sinus infection that came with some serious but unforeseen side effects. The documentation that came with the pills suggested that I inform my doctor immediately if I experienced such side effects. I had, so I did. But when I reported the major symptoms to the nurse, the nurse told me that the doctor didn’t know what he could do about it. It sounded to me as though she hadn’t told him about my situation because he would likely not say such a thing to me, considering that a report of a major side-effect is actually a very big deal. Still, I referred her to the instructions from the drug company that suggested I get a liver test. It was useless; I was turned away. No test was taken, and no tests were offered. So I went to a different doctor.

My Recommendation:

If Dr. Michael W Shuck DO still practicing, check him out. Things are better there now. He has since fired the nurse that caused him (and everyone else) so much trouble, and that experience has in no way shaken my confidence in him as a doctor or the rest of his staff. If you’re seeking a good doctor with a big heart, this is your guy. My only recommendation is (and this goes with ANY doctor you seek) to try to ensure you can get direct contact if you really need it. Having a gatekeeper is like volunteering for a game of “telephone” – it’s not going to get relayed correctly.