Dr. Spencer Duncan, DO – REVIEW



Dr. Spencer Duncan, DO – Family Medicine


Medical Plaza of Valley Center / Newton Medical Center



Reason for Visit:

Pain and possible infection

My Rating:

What I Liked:

He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he was fairly easy to talk to – when you could actually reach him. I liked that he was a younger doctor, and I appreciated his accolades.

What I Didn’t Like:

I really didn’t like the lack of urgency by Dr. Duncan or his staff. I was made to feel like I was an inconvenience during each visit – to the point that I was often in a rush to leave. Furthermore, there was absolutely zero empathy for the condition that I was seeing him for.

I was in a lot of pain, and that pain was getting worse by the day. The limited tests and treatments were not helping. When I expressed this to the nurse who was speaking on his behalf, she literally said – and I quote – “He says we can live with it.” Thinking that I had heard that wrong, I asked her to repeat it. “Yeah… he said that we can live with it.

It’s hard to place another time in my life when I have felt more helpless or angered based on the words of another. I felt as though I was left hanging at the precise moment I needed a doctor most.

My Recommendation:

Avoid this one if you’re seeking exploration, ideas, or high-level & direct conversations. This one is probably great for patients with limited medical knowledge or for common ailments that the body will heal anyway.

I should also state that I left a similar review about this experience in a couple of different places on the web, and they were somehow scrubbed. It makes me wonder how many other negative reviews have been pulled. Be careful!