For My Baby Girl


This page is dedicated to my beautiful daughter HDL.

Baby, you are my life and my every reason. Whatever happens in life, just know that you are loved and that your best efforts are enough. Don’t compromise your happiness for unreasonable pain. Things won’t always come easy but abuse is never acceptable. Relationships are up and down; don’t expect perfection and don’t try to be perfect. The real perfection is in the flaws.

Respect others but remember to respect yourself. And also remember… if knowledge is power, then we must learn on purpose in order to really lead our lives in a meaningful way. Think for yourself but listen to all.

Be strong and stand your ground. Stand up for what you believe in, no matter what that might be or what that might result in. It’s better to stand for something than follow the crowd into nothing. Remember our family motto and war cry – Virtutis gloria merces – Garg ‘nuair dhùisgear. And remember that with us… it’s Saorsa nó Bás.

Above all… watch a sunset from a mountain top, swim in the ocean, feel the beauty and isolation of the forest, imagine life outside of what we’ve been told, hug a friend and teach your children to do the same.

I love you more… and I’m always with you.

Here is a video I made for you a while back. You’ve always been near me… even when we’ve been apart. HDLMed