“I’ve Heard This For Years”


So you’ve heard this before? Well, what I am about to write, runs the risk of sounding rather braggadocios, and I apologize in advance for it. But I am not writing this to toot my own horn, and I’m not writing this to pound my chest. I am writing this to help clarify what I do, why I do it, and perhaps why I am qualified to do it. I am going to make this as matter-of-fact as possible, so bear with me.

Every once in a while, a statement is made by someone saying that they have heard all this before – in regard to some of what I discuss or share. My initial retort is, “I sure hope so.” My second thought is often, “then why haven’t you done anything yet?” But then I realized they haven’t exactly been exposed to the whole statement yet. Yes, there are some who warn about elements of this or that, but it’s usually in pieces and does not include a historical reason or even proper context. Because if they did provide such things, there would be little left to question.

But seriously, it is sometimes said that about every three months or so, someone is coming out and suggesting that “the end” will be in a certain period of time, but that this period of time comes and goes and in the next few months, similar calls will be made again. Basically, they are saying that whatever event they were anticipating never comes – and associating a similar situation with An American Warning as though what I do is anything like that. But recently, someone suggested that he had been hearing similar things in slightly different versions for about nine years. I want to take a moment and comment on this.

To begin with, let me make it clear that no one can see the future. Not even me. If it were that easy, then there wouldn’t be a debate, there would be no need to know or understand history, An American Warning wouldn’t exist, and our lives would ultimately be forever changed because we would know that decisions are nonexistent. Sure, there are some who seem to suggest that they can see the future, but this is, of course, ridiculous. Another point is that no one else out there is doing what I am doing here An American Warning. There are a very specific set of points and directions with which I profess. There may be elements that others might report on, but my warnings are attached to and come from a particular set of issues and/or context.

I would also like to make it perfectly clear that An American Warning has never said a single thing about “the end.” The idea of “the end” is a ridiculous notion (in my opinion), and my personal philosophical and religious beliefs do not allow me to subscribe to such ideas. Hence, nothing about my posts, articles, book, or podcasts has had anything to do with what some consider “the end.” It’s simply not the point.

With that being said, I do believe it is important to clarify exactly what the mission of An American Warning is. Understand first that everything in life is a choice, process and/or cycle. Our current situation is no different. In my book “RELOADED: An American Warning,” I discuss these cycles and explain why we should be paying attention now more than ever.

In the book, articles, and podcasts, I have addressed the Inflation Cycle, the Economic Cycle, the War Cycle, and even the Tytler Cycle. I have even gone so far as to discuss global power shifts, currency failures, and the historical evidence and warning signs of things that occur right before the collapse of a country’s government. I have even described how these things work together and why we shouldn’t ignore them. I have used history as a guide and applied math, basic logic, and many other elements to narrow down important things such as probability and timing.

This has all shown me that the probability of a pretty big issue is rather high. Is this “the end”? Well, I suppose that depends on what you define as “the end.” For me, this is just another situation that we will have to contend with, albeit a pretty big situation that will affect the lives of many around the world. But I think people will still be around when this is over. The question that you might want to consider is whether or not you will be one of them.

Let’s look at some of the facts. As I have detailed numerous times, we are currently faced with massive price inflation and a general halt on purchasing power. We are also currently dealing with a massive economic contraction. And we are seeing the economic and military giants of the world awaken and posture against one another, all while threatening the unthinkable and all while proxy wars continue to break out and grow. These are all expected elements, as I have stated repeatedly for years – and prior to them occurring. But how I was able to do this was all based on historical context, math, associated ideas, and of course, the scientific method.

According to the cycles, this problem really got underway in about 2005. It’s not due to end until about 2025. That is, of course, if you trust history, math, and the cycles that, in retrospect, have presented themselves with unbelievable accuracy over hundreds of years. Yes, some had known about some of this and began to warn people when it became clear that the time had come again; people like myself. So if you are one that thinks to yourself that you have been hearing similar things for years, and it never seems to come, then try to understand that it’s a build-up or a process, and it has not only been getting worse but that it clearly started about 9 or 10 years ago.

The problem is that today, we have a culture of instant gratification. Meaning that if something doesn’t happen today, it must not be happening at all. This is a very bad way to look at things. On the other hand, this also means that people are not very interested in the past. Perhaps this is because they feel that if it is not happening in the next 4 minutes or didn’t happen in their lifetime, it doesn’t matter. But this is also bad because that means that most lack the proper context to understand what is being discussed. Honestly, I can only speculate as to why one would ignore the past, especially considering how much it can teach us.

Regardless, I want you to understand that if there was anything in the world that I wish I could be wrong about, it would be what I have been and currently am trying to warn people about. But I do not believe that I am wrong for a couple of particular reasons. When I first discovered all of this, it was well before 2005. In fact, when I first found the breadcrumbs that led me to my initial conclusions, it was before 9-11. I was anticipating a horrible economic catastrophe. I waited and waited. When 2005 came, I was ready for the worst. But nothing happened. I thought I was wrong. But then, in 2006, I started hearing guys like Ron Paul and others begin to suggest that things were about to take a massive dive in regard to our economic situation. As you already know, the recession hit just a couple of years later.

Does this mean the model is off in regard to timing? Absolutely not. As it turns out, the things that caused the economic problem began prior, and everything actually began to show in 2005. The crazy part is that the model shows that the problems get worse and worse until the bigger problem presents itself. And right on cue, we have some of the most significant military powers on the planet bumping chests and threatening war.

Again, I want to be wrong because the model shows some pretty hard times moving forward. But I have never said it was “the end.” It may very well be the end of things as we know it, similar to how Rome or Britain is no longer the world’s superpower, but life will go on. There are some who are going to be able to navigate this coming crisis a little easier than others. These people are the ones who prepared accordingly, studied, and tried to understand exactly what we are up against, just like those in the past faced with similar problems.

And there are quite a few who doubt all this. That is fine. History is riddled with those who refused to see the seemingly obvious or turned a blind eye to tragedy because they just didn’t want to believe it could happen. This group also tends to contain the masses. But this information is clearly not for them. They are not going to take the time to read any of this anyway. Furthermore, in almost every post I provide, I give you resources, ideas, and breadcrumbs to follow, challenge, question, and conclude on your own terms. It would be best if you didn’t believe me anyway; I want you to doubt and seek and find the plethora of information that I couldn’t include in my articles.

But then the question comes up as to why or how I have been right so many times when so many others have been so wrong. Well, it’s a strategic process of thought. I call it the 3 Rule Method, a system I designed in college – and it works really well. It’s a rather simple model of thought, and I have also provided this to everyone. A typical example of its effectiveness would be as follows: On November 7th, 2015, I got into a rather heated debate with a friend over the launch of a Trident missile seen off the West Coast. I took the information that came in, laid it out, applied the 3 Rule Method, and made a projection that wasn’t very popular in the discussion I was having. But as it turned out, I was right – in that the first missile was a planned test and that it would be followed up with a second test or maybe even more. A little time and I was proven right. On November 9th, 2015, a second missile was launched in the same fashion as the first.

Now, this is a very small and easy example, but a very strong point in case. When I talked about the TPP, the economic issues, Universal Healthcare, etc., I was correct for the very same reasons. This goes on and on and on. Am I wrong sometimes? Of course, I am. But when I am, I am usually not off by much. Of course, I can’t see into the future, and sometimes important information is unavailable during the process, but I have a really good tool that gets me close most of the time. Unfortunately, this tool suggests that things are about to get rather problematic for most people here in the states. The scary part is that the more information that is considered, the sharper the needle points in the direction I have projected.

But understand that whether or not anyone “believes” me is quite irrelevant. You have nothing to lose by considering what I am sharing. I am not in this to make friends, become rich, or be popular. In fact, I am in the red in regards to money on this project, I have lost both friends and family over this, and the things I say are anything but popular. So why would I do this? Well, my motive is rather simple: I want to help people. That’s also why I provide information on other topics such as health, leadership, money, etc. And yes, I provide warnings in regard to economics and warfare. But I do this because I care, and I want people to be able to lead better lives, be safe, and be prepared. Ironically, only the people willing to read, only those willing and wanting to see things from a different perspective, and only those with a drive to do something with the information provided will benefit from what I am trying to give them.

Again, whether or not anyone believes or even cares is not a concern of mine. I was ridiculed relentlessly for years when I started saying that Russia and China were going to be a problem. Well, it took 12 years, but I would say that my statements are finally validated – by groups like the Federal Government and the Pentagon. I was even ridiculed when I spoke about the growing threat of radical Islam. I was laughed at when I suggested that the dollar become weak and that other nations seek to topple it. The same could be said for my words on Iran, Syria, the Bailouts, insurance, taxes, socialism, etc. I was even doubted when I first mentioned China’s island-building and suggested that their motive was to expand their territory while encroaching upon Japan’s resource-rich islands. Time and time again.

Anyway, everybody has a choice. You can choose to explore the ideas I present, or you can choose to ridicule and ignore them. But honestly, anyone with a decent sense of cause and effect should be able to see at least part of what I am trying to provide is accurate. And most of my posts are riddled with resources and expert analysis. Really, anyone willing to do a little reading will see how often I have been right. But again, it’s not about me being right; it’s about you being prepared.

And while I am on the subject, I think it is also important to recognize why people listen to doctors, lawyers, and professors. This is because these people tend to be well-studied and know a bit about the topics they either teach or practice. This is why An American Warning includes the work from people like Dr. Huyler or KrisAnne Hall Esq. for example. I would argue that we are all fairly knowledgeable about the things we discuss because we have dedicated our lives to the study of the subject matter we cover. We are not providing uneducated guesses; we are providing information from years of study and plenty of contexts. If you are interested in my own qualifications, my bio is available on the website.

And in regard to social media – that is where we post news and updates. Commentary and analysis are provided on the main site. The root or point is provided in the book. There is too much information to do it any other way.

So again, I would like to apologize if this comes off wrong. My intent is merely to explain my position to those who question it. And I want to thank you for checking out or reviewing our work. Yes… some of it may be difficult to accept. But consider the information, research it on your own, and draw your own educated conclusions based on logic and reason – not doubt and biased hopes.

Be sure to check out my artic”e “Why We Know Trouble Is Comi”g.