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A useful guide to creating relationships

Regardless of your industry or business, Sales Academy 101 focuses on people and the need we all have to be seen and understood. This quick read helped me to remember the importance of passion in providing genuine customer care and that my attitude is paramount in successful sales.


It’s not what the doctors want you to hear but, if you suffer as I do from chronic conditions and auto immune disease you will benefit highly from the knowledge David has presented here. I’ve already lost some weight and feel so much better!!!

Rethink things

Mr. Robertson presents a lot of information about a topic that is little known to the public. This book will propel you to rethink things that you thought you already knew and to question the validity of what you were taught.

I really enjoyed this book

This book answered questions I didn’t know I had. I really enjoyed this book. If you question your reason for being – this book is for you

Everyone could benefit…

There are aspects in this book that can not only be applied in a political and or corporate capacity but in average everyday life. I think that’s what I liked the most about it, you can get a take on types of leadership of any level. For me it was a very easy read as View Full →

Very easy to read and follow

Great book exposing the lies and half truths that have been fed to us to advance the narrative of those seeking to bring down our Constitution and replace it with a one world socialist government. Very easy to read and follow.

Actually surprised me…

I went into this expecting it to just reaffirm my beliefs being familiar with this author. Well, it set me back a few times. And sent me off into research mode on my own. Actually took forever to read because I wanted to know more on so many chapters. Actually surprised me and made me View Full →

Truly an amazing read…

I recommend this book to anyone willing to learn. David Robertson has written this book in such a unique way which only causes this book to become even more unforgettable. This book is a nice and quick read, but that being said, it does cause you to really dig deep and think. My perspective has View Full →

A very intelligent person…

David is a very intelligent person and has put things together very well in this book. Well written and full of information people need to know.