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Things you may not have known, things you may not have thought about or simply things or perspectives to consider.

Is Honor Dead in America?

Are honor, respect, and integrity dead? This post may come across as negative but understand that I would like to jolt you into self-reflection and personal action. I guess we’ll see how this goes. It should come as little shock that the world no longer respects the United States. It could be argued that perhaps […]

Founding Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day. What did you get him? Another tie? Wouldn’t it be great if we celebrated our fathers every day? Wouldn’t it be great if we showed dad that we loved him and appreciated him more than just once a year or instead of only on special holidays? I sure do. That’s why I let […]

Glimpse the Future

Glimpse the future. It is now 2016, and you might have heard by now that we are beginning to (or will soon) enter the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” If you haven’t heard this, then now you’re in the know. It is underway, and the world is very excited about it. You need to understand that this […]

The REAL Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center issues an annual list of what they believe to be anti-government and extremist groups across the United States. But before we address the list itself, let us ask ourselves, “what is the SPLC exactly?” They coin themselves as an American legal advocacy organization for civil rights causes. And according to […]

Redistribution & Socialism – Consider This

Redistribution and socialist ideas seem to be gaining popularity lately. Much of this could be blamed on poor education, especially regarding history. But ponder this: “is it ethical or not… to take something from someone and give it to another?“ In order to address this in the manner most logical, one must remove the emotional side […]

The Timeline of Colonial Resistance

It has come to my attention that quite a few have forgotten the timelines regarding American history – at least in regard to colonial resistance. There are also some forgotten steps regarding why the colonists were so angry. I want to convey to you today that there was a build-up of anger that spanned roughly […]

Did Hillary Break the Law?

I have suggested that Hillary Clinton may have committed a felony (or more). However, I have been asked for a specific law or citation to back up this assumption. I am happy to do so. The following comes from the United States Department of Justice – 1663. Protection Of Government Property — Protection Of Public […]

Why We Know Trouble Is Coming

Every once in a while, you hear Ph.D.s, philosophers, and writers talking about the “coming war,” or an “inevitable disaster,” or something along similar lines. The central theme of this article is no different. However, one should ask themselves exactly how these people can be so darn certain that trouble is on the way. Can […]

China on the Rise

Today we live in a world where international business is commonplace and often extremely beneficial. On the flip side, however, we are doing business and providing much-needed money to many of our enemies because of it. When anyone brings up the dangers of dealing with China, the rebuttal is almost always how much China needs […]

Let’s See How I Did With Projection

As some of you are already aware, in college, I developed something I ended up calling “The Three Rule Method.” This technique allows me to narrow down the best possible solution to a given problem, in the shortest period of time, with the greatest possibility of being correct. Eventually, I figured out how to apply […]