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Machiavelli “The Prince” – Was It A Warning?

When reading “The Prince,” one cannot help but feel Machiavelli’s frustration and pain. His pain could have been rooted in his exile, his desire to…

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Vitamin A Deserves Some Love – And Consumption

Vitamin A deserves some love for a lot of different reasons. Of course, when most people think about Vitamin A, they think about its ability…

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The Traits Necessary to be a University President

Introduction             John Kroger, of INSIDE HigherED, has argued that “a university president may need significantly greater leadership skills to achieve good outcomes than leaders…

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Fruits, Veggies, Fiber and GMO’s

Fruits and veggies provide the body with all kinds of great things, and you do need them. For instance; Fruits and veggies provide fiber. This…

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Do Learning Management Systems Limit Creativity?

Do Learning Management Systems (LMS) limit creativity? That’s a tough and opinion-based question to answer. However, to fully answer this question, and to understand what…

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Vaccines – A Few More Things to Consider

A while back, I published an article about vaccines. I wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things and answer a few questions…

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Uncomfortable Truths About Taxation

Let’s talk about taxation for a moment. A lot of people in this country are distraught and with good reason. Yet, it seems that only…

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Socialism: The Social Experiment

Let’s talk about socialism. For this, allow me to use an analogy. You go to the city pound, where you see one dog after another…

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An Easy Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Some people are not interested in either trading cryptocurrency or mining it. Some are only interested in investing and savings, and that is just fine….

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The Miracle of Iodine

Minus those with a massive allergy to it, Iodine is an essential mineral. In fact, all the cells in the body use Iodine. Did you…