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The Power to Protect – OURSELVES

One Right sticks out more than most when we consider the possible controversy of an Amendment. This, of course, is Amendment II; the Right to…

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The False Hope of Anarcho-Capitalism

Many libertarians have begun to subscribe to the idea of Anarcho-Capitalism as a possible solution to their government woes. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous…

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An Ethical Question: Can the Ends Justify the Means

This article needs to be presented as an analogy. Not because the concept is hard to grasp, but because the idea itself is probably a…

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The REAL Che Guevara

A few years ago, I saw a video of a teacher’s union marching down the street. These teachers were protesting in support of higher wages….

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Has the Constitution Failed Us?

I have a LOT of respect for anyone who fights for liberty. Undoubtedly, many who subscribe to socialism, anarchism, or even democracy believe they are…

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A Leadership Lesson from Gandhi

The life of Gandhi, and for that matter, his quests, are often subject to scrutiny, wonderment, and amazement due in large part to cultural differences,…

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Machiavelli “The Prince” – Was It A Warning?

When reading “The Prince,” one cannot help but feel Machiavelli’s frustration and pain. His pain could have been rooted in his exile, his desire to…

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Uncomfortable Truths About Taxation

Let’s talk about taxation for a moment. A lot of people in this country are distraught and with good reason. Yet, it seems that only…

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Socialism: The Social Experiment

Let’s talk about socialism. For this, allow me to use an analogy. You go to the city pound, where you see one dog after another…

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Beware the Article V Convention – No Quick-Fix

Yes, there are a lot of problems, and they need to be fixed. However, I hope you have begun to see how dangerous some radical…