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Are Discussion Forums in Online Classes Effective?

Are discussion forums in online classes effective or beneficial? As with any tool that could be deployed during a course, the answer is not as…

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The Internet and Distance Education

Online versus traditional education. Which is best? I have seen many debates over this. However, the truth might just surprise you. First, let’s examine the…

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Behavioral Modification Tips for the Instructor and Coach

If you are a coach, teacher, or trainer, you might want to consider the following. As you know, the goal of any coach, teacher, or…

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The Traits Necessary to be a University President

Introduction John Kroger, of INSIDE HigherED, has argued that “a university president may need significantly greater leadership skills to achieve good outcomes than leaders in…

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Do Learning Management Systems Limit Creativity?

Do Learning Management Systems (LMS) limit creativity? That’s a tough and opinion-based question to answer. However, to fully answer this question, and to understand what…

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An Easy Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Some people are not interested in either trading cryptocurrency or mining it. Some are only interested in investing and savings, and that is just fine….

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Leadership, Learning, and Critical Reflection

Learning is essential to leadership (Brown & Posner, 2001). Catch-phrases such as “Leadership is Learning,” “The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners,” and “A Sign of…

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Laptops for Crypto Mining in 2021. Is Mining Worth It?

Since publishing my previous cryptocurrency article, I have been emailed quite a few questions regarding the topic. All of them seem to fit into two…

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The Cryptocurrency Tools I Use To Make Easy Money

A big thanks to the many who have emailed me regarding this topic. I will gladly share the cryptocurrency tools that I use to make…

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Celsius Network Referral Code And $20 BTC Bonus

Here is your Celsius Network Referral Code: 1355208328 What Is Celsius Network? Celsius Network is a crypto lending platform and wallet where you can earn…