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Protect Yourself: Be the Fox and a Lion

Have you ever been told to be a fox and a lion? Fraud comes in many forms. Scammers are seemingly everywhere. Many people will take…

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The Power to Protect – OURSELVES

One Right sticks out more than most when we consider the possible controversy of an Amendment. This, of course, is Amendment II; the Right to…

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A Few Things to Know About Smishing

Have you heard of “smishing” yet? If not, then allow me to introduce you to a rapidly growing techno-threat that is easy to fall for….

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Behavioral Modification Tips for the Instructor and Coach

If you are a coach, teacher, or trainer, you might want to consider the following. As you know, the goal of any coach, teacher, or…

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How to be a Prepper – A Few Things to Consider

Since when did being prepared for something become a bad idea? Would planning for retirement outside of social security make you a “conspiracy theorist”? So…

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Consider Campus Safety When Choosing a College

Campus safety should always be a consideration when choosing a college. This is because, much like the “real world”, some schools have more crime going…

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Phishing Attacks on the Rise

Over the years, phishing attempts have presented a real issue for both individuals and businesses alike. Sometimes the attempts are comical, but sometimes the attempts…

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Apartment Living Security Concerns

In recent years, cities across the country have been experiencing a sort of boom in regard to the construction of apartment buildings and other multi-family…

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Leadership and Cybersecurity

Not long ago, I stumbled upon an article in the Harvard Business Review written by Alex Blau. In it, he suggested that the leaders of…

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Performing a Risk Analysis

Risk analysis isn’t as cut and dry as one might think. By definition, risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential issues that…