D.M. Robertson

I have been told on more than one occasion that “knowledge is power”. I never fully understood that until I began to proactively pursue it. Once I began to accumulate information, I began to understand what they meant.

I was also told that “you learn by teaching“. Again, I never fully appreciated that statement until I tried it for myself. Selfishly, that’s a big part of why I want to share some of this information with you.

Understand that my ultimate goal in sharing the information is to empower others the way that I feel that the information has empowered me. The purpose of this website is to provide you with actionable information that you can use to better navigate your life. Whether it’s leadership, health, safety and security, money and finance, or even just odd things to consider, the information I provide is intended to help you lead your life. The last thing I want anyone to do is just follow along and hope life works out.

I want every reader to be happy, healthy and well-informed whether you agree with my positions or not. That’s my motivation and that’s my passion. I’m tired of the media, schools, corporations, government, or any other establishment trying to “astroturf” everyone into believing silly things that ultimately hurt us. We can be better than that. Of course, that’s also the rub. Some of the information you find on this site isn’t going to sound like what some of these other groups have been providing.

We have become a nation that is seemingly lost and confused. We are divided over contortions that are ultimately inaccurate. Many don’t know what to believe and to be quite honest, many don’t know how to think for themselves anymore. As a result, you might find some of the information that I provide to be “disagreeable”. However, my hope is that this website helps (even just a little bit) to change that. I know that it’s not going to change the world. It’s likely not going to change the nation either. That’s not the point. My hope is that it changes SOMETHING for YOU.

Of course, you may like and agree with some of my work. That’s great if you do. Just know that you will likely not agree with all of it. In fact, you may not have heard about some of the things I have written about and they may come as a shock to you. That’s okay! Just remember that I’m just another guy in the world. You don’t have to agree and you don’t have to get angry. I just want you to read my work and develop an informed opinion of your own. I want you to question something and research it. I want my work to be that “Devil’s Advocate” that so many of us desperately need.

Also, there will be times when I will recommend a product or service as I cover a topic. I do this because I am often asked what I use or what I would recommend if I were faced with that situation. Know that when I do make a recommendation, it’s because I have personally used it, I believe in the company providing it, or I have researched a solid source for it.

Special Thanks

  • I need to thank Tanya for helping to keep this website running like clockwork.
  • I want to thank my team. This includes those that help with ideas for stories, those who moderate our online groups and those that help admin.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank YOU… for reading and sharing my posts. It really means a lot and it keeps me going.

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