David’s specialty is leadership but his research is extensive so he is well versed in other disciplines such as government, history, health and theology.

His work has been taught at the University level and has been cited, referenced or featured on many National Radio Stations, newspapers, and websites. Some can even be found in the Library of Congress.

— The Details —

Nationality – American

Heritage – Primarily Scottish/Irish

Political Party – Independent

Political Lean – Libertarian

Religion – Deist (Neo-Deist)

Education & Certifications – 

  • UC – Currently a Doctoral Student
    • Leadership
  • Southwestern College – Master’s of Science
    • Leadership
  • Southwestern College – Bachelor’s of Science
    • Leadership – Major
    • Security Management – Major
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Operational Leadership | SC
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Homeland Security | SC
  • Active Shooter Workshop – Trainer | DHS
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Agile Leadership | UMD
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Qualitative Research Methods | MIT
  • Foundations in Hypnotherapy | HMI
  • Non-Certificate Area of Study – Entrepreneurship | MIT

Awards and Honors –

  • Summa cum laude – Undergraduate
  • Presidential Honors for GPA
  • Deans Honor Role (multis temporibus)

Current Occupation – Leadership Development

Known for – Advanced Leadership Development techniques, the Behavior Modification Cheat, Constitutional and political commentary, the Trinion Contradictions, and debunking revisionist history

Books –

Robertson is the author of nine books; two of which are second editions. There are six titles currently in print and most boast a fairly high customer rating and review.

Bibliography –

  • Robertson, David M (2018). Sales Academy 101, DMR Publications, ISBN 1726708314
  • Robertson, David M (2017). Destroying the Narrative: Looking into the Gray, DMR Publications, ISBN 0692930701
  • Robertson, David M (2017). Reason, Religion and the Trinion Contradictions: Second Edition, DMR Publications, ISBN 1548509906
  • Robertson, David M (2017). RELOADED: An American Warning: Subcompact Edition, DMR Publications, ISBN 069293099X
  • Robertson, David M (2016). Natural Health Made Easy: The Briobiotic Protocol, DMR Publications, ISBN 0692688625
  • Robertson, David M (2016). Reasoned Leadership: Ideas of Leadership from a Logical Perspective, DMR Publications, ISBN 0692666990
  • Robertson, David M (2016). Reason, Religion and the Trinion Contradictions, DMR Publications, ISBN 1530407451 (Out of Print)
  • Robertson, David M (2014). RELOADED: An American Warning, AuthorHouse, ISBN 1491847425 (Out of Print)
  • Robertson, David M (2009). An American Warning, iUniverse, ISBN 1440137285 (Out of Print)

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