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Fan-favorite quotes by Dr. Robertson

– Meet Action With Action –

Understanding that mastery happens through repetition, which means progressions are had with each attempt, when a person or group attempts to destroy what you hold most precious, is it justifiable to meet action with action to protect or defend these things? Or do you allow the attempts to continue in an effort to avoid stooping to their level or avoid conflict? Understand that one guarantees destruction over time. The other requires you to become a warrior.

– Defense of Core Principles –

It may seem obvious, but history repeatedly demonstrates that people will forget this one fundamental concept: the survival of a culture is rooted in its defense.

– Be Careful What You Ask For –

If the 2000s have taught us anything so far, it’s that sometimes we get exactly what we ask for. However, they’ve also highlighted the importance of resisting the urge to ask in the first place.

– Choose Your Path Wisely –

Your pursuit to be right can undermine your pursuit of accuracy. Remember that there’s a big difference between defending your beliefs and seeking truth. If outcomes matter, the journey you choose is crucial.

– The Importance of Strategy –

Vision is weak without resolve. Resolve is weak without strategy.

– What Will You Stand For –

Showing weakness in the face of trouble tends to invite more trouble. If you want this nonsense to stop, you’ll likely have to stop being quiet, stop taking the abuse, and just stop tolerating the intolerable. Clearly, turning the cheek, looking the other way, and ignoring the nonsense isn’t working. It’s making things worse.

– Resistance to Change –

The spoon you have may not be the knife you need.

– Improvement –

You do not improve by trying to perfect what you already do well. Instead, you improve by focusing on what needs improvement. Of course, this approach requires an intimate relationship with reality and an understanding of what is not perfect. This also means that you need to stop lying to yourself and accept constructive criticism. It is simple. Improvement is possible; perfection is not. Act accordingly.

– Idealized Leadership –

Relying on idealized versions of leadership is like trying to sail a boat in the desert.

– Leaning Towards Risk –

Our status quo of avoiding change and failure only ensures our avoidance and failure of changing our status quo.

– Reality of Tribalism –

A tribe needs loyal individuals, but often, individuals find themselves loyal to the tribe without receiving the same loyalty in return. Therefore, it’s often wiser to redirect your loyalty toward an idea or vision. By doing so, you foster a purpose that goes beyond tribal limitations, making your loyalty more meaningful, less vulnerable, and longer-lasting.

– The Nation’s Path –

Liberty is the destination and vision. The Declaration was the reason. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are how we get there. Just because some have screwed up the directions, scribbled on the map, and gotten themselves lost doesn’t mean the map is bad or that the destination is wrong.

– Bad Instructors –

If an instructor helps hundreds or even thousands of people do something incorrectly, it does not make them an expert. It makes them responsible.

– The Power of Vision –

If you wanted to go to Dallas but didn’t have a car, you could probably still find a way to get there if you wanted it bad enough – because you would innovate options to reach your desired destination and just keep moving towards that goal. However, if you have a car and the ability to drive it, but you have no idea where you want to go, that car just sits there. You’re going nowhere! Welcome to life and glimpse the power of having a vision. Having the car or the ability to drive is far less important than your purpose, vision, and desire to actually go somewhere. Purpose and vision. Start there.

– Words to Live By –

Think of your life, relationships, and conversations like you are cooking a meal. When you go overboard with the bitters, sour, and salt, nobody wants to swallow it.

– Ignorance –

You will only truly know the things you choose to truly examine.

– Embrace Differences –

It’s important for leaders to know and understand that we are all different and that being different is a good thing. This allows leaders to leverage different strengths to achieve optimal outcomes.

– The Cycles –

Societal evils perpetually lurk and thrive in periods of complacency. Paradoxically, they seem to fuel a heightened public awareness and prompt a necessary course correction. Like a storm, this turbulence restores the balance.

– F-Around N-Find Out –

Don’t be shocked by a negative effect when you initiate a negative cause. Wrongful deeds can trigger harsh responses. Unnecessary provocation can result in strong backlash. Negative actions can result in negative re-actions. You’re not the victim when faced with retaliation. Don’t start nothing – won’t be nothing. Those confused by this by this very simple concept are doomed to learn a very harsh lesson.

– Learning –

It would be hard to deny the fact that intelligence wins wars. So imagine how successful you could be when you accept that earth is just a battlefield.

– Leadership –

The discipline of leadership is a science, but it’s implementation is definitely an art.

– Leadership Motivations –

A national leader who is versed in their country’s history shows a deep connection with its core principles. This understanding informs their vision, goals, choices, reasoning, authority, tactics, and, in this case, determination to ensure the integrity of those core principles. Conversely, a leader not versed in their country’s history demonstrates a detachment or a lack of regard for its core principles. This should provide insight into their vision, goals, choices, reasoning, and tactics, which are likely leading to decisions and actions that are not aligned with that nation’s identity and values.

– Having Vision –

A lack of vision solidifies fear of the future and opens the door to failure.

– The World is Not Ready –

The world is unprepared for the creativity of violence it seems to be asking for.

– Serving –

Serving others is not the same as providing a service to others.

– School Failure –

If you didn’t pay attention, chose not to take the class, or didn’t engage in the lesson, it wasn’t “education” that failed you.

– Irony –

The benighted misconceive enlightened cogitation and relish the unsophisticated.

– Reflection –

Time invested in learning is wasted without time invested in critical reflection.

– Examination –

An angry rejection of information without examination is nothing more than a demonstration of ignorance masked as fear.

– Teaching –

Teachers and professors are a dime a dozen and a teacher isn’t “awesome” or special simply because they teach. Anyone can get up and stifle thought and creativity by demanding conformity and reciting something out of a book. True teaching is an art form. It’s the difference between learning and simple education. An awesome teacher helps the student connect with the material, they inspire thought and creativity, they motivate critical reflection, and they help to foster an intrinsic desire to question everything. Awesome teachers and professors are rare.

– Examination –

Understand that you cannot address a problem unless you identify the problem, and you will rarely get the right answers if you’re not asking the right questions.

– Effort –

Heroic tales don’t come from those who dared to dream. They come from those who dared to try.

– Leadership –

Management is not Leadership. Leadership is not management. We must know the difference if we want to be the difference.

– Change –

Change is constant and forever. We can choose to accept it and lead it or fight it and lose.

– Failure –

It’s a mindset. Embrace failure, lean towards risk and embrace beneficial change. If you’re doing it right, there is nothing to fear but success itself.

– Personal Growth –

It seems to me that the level at which someone complains often mirrors their level of resistance to personal development.

– Equality –

You cannot advocate for equality while claiming or demanding special status or benefit for yourself.

– Writing –

Actions may speak louder than words but words provide lasting perceptions of those actions.

– Race and Gender –

There are those who define themselves by what’s between their legs and by the color of their skin, and then there are those who define themselves by what they’ve placed between their ears and what kind of character they have made for themselves. So ask yourself: would you rather be defined by something you inherited or something you earned? Pareto was right; not everyone gets to be great. Choose carefully.

– Improvement – 

Some choose to judge me based on my early works. That’s fine. My writing skills used to be, well, not exactly award-winning. Sentence mishaps, passive tone, and grammar blunders were a constant for my readers. But you know what? I never let that imperfection stop me from putting my ideas out there. And sure, I may have been a ‘grammar’s worst nightmare,’ but at least I tried to make a difference! Today, I’m only a slightly better writer than I used to be, and I’m only sort of sorry for the trail of errors that I have left in my wake. However, I see it as a public demonstration and an example of continual improvement. Mastery happens through repetition, and I will continue to improve. However, as imperfect as it all may have been, my writing still managed to stir some minds. I’ll take it!

– Friendship – 

We should be careful about who we call friend. I think that by calling those who are not, that which is cherished most, we dilute the meaning and its impact

– Communication –

Never underestimate the destructive power that a lack of context or a simple misunderstanding can really have.

– Teaching

WOW Moments” invite the student to connect with the lesson.

– Opportunity

Opportunity only happens when you give opportunity an opportunity.

– Social Divide – 

We don’t have to agree to get along. I believe that most racial, social or even theological divisions are fabricated by those that benefit from such divisions. I beleive that this is easily recognized by those that can critically think. I’m not divided from anyone on the planet that can actually think for themselves and is willing to exchange ideas. I contend that the only REAL social divisions that exist for thinking people are between themselves and the willfully ignorant… and the leaders that perpetuate that ignorance.

– Learning

One of the dumbest things we can do is to deny ourselves the opportunity of being wrong. We should desire the acquisition of new information and perspective. We should crave that growth if we truly want to be better people or have greater understanding. We should never let a preconceived notion dictate the information we will examine and we should never be so stubborn as to ignore even the most remote of possibilities. Unfortunately, this is almost the definition of the modern standard and we are clearly living its repercussions. If you want real change, be different; question everything.

– REAL History – 

Theodore Roosevelt once said that “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future“. Perhaps, but I think that really depends on which version of the past you choose to believe.

– Integrity – 

It seems like the most effective way to right a wrong anymore is by merely saying “I understand your position and I’ll try to remain as objective as possible in my review.

– History –

You can celebrate history by actually knowing it.

– Being Prepared

Don’t question why the town fool sits on his hands. Instead, ask why the scholars are packing boxes.

– Natural Health

True health is not found… it is created.

– Leadership

Leadership is having the courage to do the right thing; by seizing the moment and affecting positive change; especially when others either cannot or do not.

– Theology

May you never be shackled by the thoughts of another, but instead, be set free by your own.

– Leadership

Technically, there’s no such thing as a Fortune 500 person. They are called Fortune 500 companies for a reason. These companies are comprised of teams all working towards a common goal and led by someone willing make tough decisions precisely when those tough decisions need to be made.

– Sales

We’ve become a nation of order takers and customer service reps uninterested in the people we serve.

– Rights

Another person’s rights are not contingent on your comfort.

– The Constitution

You cannot support, love, exercise, or defend a Constitution you have never read.

– Personal Growth –

You wouldn’t expect something to grow when you refuse to feed it. So if you seek to grow and develop as a person; if you want better outcomes in your life, then you need to give your mind something good to digest.

– Socialism –

I used to think that there was no such thing as a stupid question, but I was forced to reconsider that when I discovered just how many considered Socialism the answer.

– Leadership

Always note the difference between a real leader and someone in a leadership position.

– Decision Making –

You can make great decisions based on good-negative information but you’ll only make terrible decisions based on bad-positive information.

– Teaching

The best lessons are usually the ones we don’t realize we are having in the moment.

– Knowledge

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. However, power isn’t created; it’s transferred. So, if you seek that power, you need to relentlessly pursue knowledge and information.

– Overt Oppression –

There is nothing more dangerous or problematic than an ego problem with a gun. And frankly, for the innocent being abused and bullied, it doesn’t matter if that ego problem is carrying a bandanna or a badge.

– The Seemingly Obvious –

Servitus non est dux

– Privilege Prevarication –

I’m not sure how I feel about the privilege of being called racist because of my race by those who see nothing except race but somehow believe that they can’t be racist for only seeing race because of their race.

– A Prime Target –

Statistically speaking, America is now fatter, dumber, and weaker than ever. We are a prime target sitting on vast resources. This could get bumpy.

– Medical Misinvestment –

When it comes to chronic disease, there are several things that are true. A physician cannot truly fix the symptom (effect) if they do not fix the root cause, physicians often forget that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, rare is not the same thing as impossible, medical ignorance hinders and often prolongs effective resolution, and a physician cannot find what they are ignorant of, deny, or refuse to search for. Perhaps these truths highlight a fundamental lack of curiosity or why roughly half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. Perhaps these truths illuminate the problem with the overemphasis on acute illness and pharmaceuticals in allopathic medicine. Either way, something needs to change.

– Stick Up For Yourself –

Respect is earned, but it’s also reflective. This means that you have to respect yourself before others will. This also means you have to be willing to stand up for yourself. Don’t just take it on the chin. Right or wrong, I say that if your niceness is met with negatives, nix the niceties and reciprocate the nonsense. Remember, you teach people how to treat you.

– The Real World –

When we don’t have a firm grip on reality, we tend to become victims of it. 

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