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Leadership Lesson: 10 Things Leaders Must Know

Leaders must know that the term Leadership has been cheapened in recent years. This is due largely to people with no leadership background whatsoever trying to teach it or write about it. These people are really doing nothing more than making the entire industry look bad because they claim to be leadership professionals but ultimately […]

Ayn Rand Was Right All Along

Are you familiar with Ayn Rand? If not, perhaps you should be. Regardless, I want to share some ideas I have pulled from her work. What is a businessman? Is it merely a man who works in business or commerce? The book Atlas Shrugged presents characters such as Hank Rearden, James, and Dagny Taggart, as […]

Changing the Institution of Tax

Nobody likes to talk about taxes, but we should. What do we do if bias is rampant at the IRS and political targeting is a fact? The simple answer—tear down the institution. Well, what if we could replace it with something substantially better? Remember, the Declaration of Independence states, “That whenever any Form of Government […]

The False Hope of Anarcho-Capitalism

Many libertarians have begun to subscribe to the idea of Anarcho-Capitalism as a possible solution to their government woes. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous idea. This one is the snake behind the couch. On the surface, it seems almost reasonable and something that can be tamed. Examination shows otherwise, and I need to ensure […]

Security Ignorance – A Cause For Concern?

This week, arguably, one of my biggest clients decided they wanted to pay their entire invoice via credit card instead of the usual check. Thinking that my credit card processing company would have my back (because I hadn’t had a single transaction issue or complaint and because this particular client of mine is a large […]

Choosing a Leadership Development Instructor

You’ve gotta love the topic of Leadership Development! There seems to be no end to the number of books and gurus trying to stake their claim of expertise or special insight. Due to this noise, choosing the right Leadership Development Instructor can be a confusing and complicated task. Making matters worse is that there are […]

The Importance of Follow Up

I have seen plenty of articles addressing the importance of follow-up with customers. That is true, and I do not mean to take away from that fact when I say, “of course… that’s a no-brainer”. However, I believe that a little more focus should be placed on business setting follow-up. In my experience, too many […]