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Communicating the Vision

A leader without vision is like fish without water. Similarly, a leader incapable of sharing their vision is like an armless person trying to share a warm hug. Statements such as these are visually descriptive and help others visualize the message we are trying to convey. This is a critical leadership skill. Kouzes and Posner […]

Turning Change Management into Change Leadership

If you have ever worked a corporate job, you have probably heard of the term Effective Change Management. If not, perhaps you have heard of something similar. Many individuals and organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to figure it out. Here, I want to take a second to provide some clarity and […]

The Difficulty of Change and How to Overcome It

Effective leadership is essential for managing change. As the saying goes, the only constant is change itself, yet many individuals struggle to adapt to it. This is because people tend to prefer consistency (Mounsher, 2017). Yet, one of the hallmarks of effective leadership is overcoming the sometimes overwhelming challenges regarding change (Mullins, 2019). Perhaps this […]

Social Media is Power – If Used Correctly

We have had powerful social media outlets now for over a decade. Most of us have gotten used to them, and some have grown tired of them. But let me take a moment to remind everyone that social media is powerful. If utilized correctly, the power it can provide is almost limitless. People, images, ideas, […]

Needed Organizational Improvements in Walmart

Executive Summary With the domestic and global economy continuing to decline, the wave of the future in the retail environment will not be found in old thinking. Walmart, the world’s largest privately held corporation, is no exception. They may be the proof. Amazon.com and other innovative retailers are shutting their brick-and-mortar stores left and right, […]

Walmart and the Necessary Change

Abstract Economic issues have presented plenty of problems for all types of organizations in our country, especially retail businesses. While not invincible, Walmart appears to have a leg up regarding survivability. This survivability seems ingrained into the company culture, which has existed since the beginning. This paper explores Walmart’s ever-expanding role regarding its survival when […]