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Replace LMS Communication Tools?

Since my last LMS post, I have received several questions regarding LMS systems. One question, in particular, deserves an article. The question was, is it possible for social media to replace current LMS communication tools? That is a fantastic question! However, the answer is a little tricky. There is no doubt that private social media […]

Communicating the Vision

A leader without vision is like fish without water. Similarly, a leader incapable of sharing their vision is like an armless person trying to share a warm hug. Statements such as these are visually descriptive and help others visualize the message we are trying to convey. This is a critical leadership skill. Kouzes and Posner […]

Knowledge Management – Cycle

It is vital to understand the following elements of the Knowledge Management Cycle and their respective importance because by doing so, one finds points of reference that can be more easily identified and adjusted if they are not implemented correctly or are not being followed in the first place. Upon discovery, a particular element can […]

The Three-Part Communication Model

Effective communication is key for leaders. However, simply telling someone to do something will not always provide the results that we seek. Leaders need to strive to ensure effective communication and that the vision of what is being asked is both received and easy to follow. That is why I have created the Three-Part Communication […]

Knowledge Management – Communication

Knowledge Management is critical when we consider crafting or communicating organizational vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies. Knowledge Management is the creation, compilation, and dissemination of the vital aspects of the preceding. It can be the defining factor of perception inside and outside the organization itself. Knowledge Management initiatives in this regard can solidify or […]