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The Angry Will Not Listen to Reason – Don’t Fight It

Having a conversation with an angry individual is probably something we have all experienced. As a young man, I made this mistake too many times. While that is never the best scenario, there are some things we can do to ensure that we don’t lose our cool and end up saying or doing things we […]

Arguing with Babies – Don’t Do It. It’s Not Worth It.

As I get older, I find that people get heated more often than not when they cannot find the words necessary to present their position effectively or when they cannot digest or handle the position of another. Then I find myself arguing with someone that doesn’t want to listen to another perspective, and I waste […]

What is Constructive Conflict

Constructive conflict describes any conflict in which the conflicting parties willingly engage in such a way as to ensure a mutual benefit and that the benefit of actually engaging outweighs the costs of either the conflict or the engagement itself. The idea is to strengthen or redefine the relationship for the greater good of the […]