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How to Avoid Overdraft Protection Fees at the Bank

Something that has been in the news quite a bit lately is the high dollar amount that banks are getting for overdraft fees that they charge their customers. People are evidently shocked about the amount they owe due to using these supposed services. So let’s cut through the nonsense and educate ourselves on what is […]

Choosing a Small Loan: Here Are Some Options

Are you considering getting a small loan? It’s a big decision. Consider the following before making your decision. Many Americans are still worried about the economy. In fact, according to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics poll, a weak economy is the #1 concern for most millennials these days. This concern comes with a few good […]

Bank versus Credit Union: A Comparison

Confused about the differences between a Bank and a Credit Union? Please don’t be ashamed; from the outside looking in, they can appear to be very similar at first glance. Today we will explore some of the differences you should probably be aware of, as well as some of the benefits. The Big Banks A […]

Money Market Accounts: The Benefit

When most people think about saving money, they think about a simple savings account. You might have even thought about getting one yourself. You may already have one, but do you have a strategy in mind, or are you just putting money away in hopes of something great down the road? Well, if you are […]