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Hire New or Develop Existing? A Leadership Dilemma

The Senior Manager says: “What if we train and develop our people, and then they leave us?” The CEO says: “What if we don’t train them, and they stay?“ No doubt you have seen this meme circulating in recent years. It’s true, though. It’s also very insightful. Think about the mindset of an organization that […]

Leadership Development Strategies

I help many people try to figure out better organizational and personal leadership strategies. One of the many things that I teach my students is that there is no difference between life and leadership and that if you can master one, you can probably master the other. Of course, I also teach them that every […]

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a complex endeavor, even for the smallest organizations. This is because there is much to consider as the organization grows and because new perspectives and considerations arise with each new change. Ultimately, there are several specific strengths and weaknesses that I feel an organization should be on the lookout for. The following […]

Can Leadership Development Really Work?

Executives continually rank leadership development as a top priority. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that many leadership development programs out there simply fail in their promise of actually developing leaders. So what’s really going on? The sad truth is that too many programs only focus on leadership theory alone and usually only in an organizational […]

Using Leadership as a Buzzword – Just Don’t

Do you want to devalue what leadership stands for? Are you seeking to deflate the term and blur the lines of what you’re looking for or what your organization does? Are you looking to ensure that your credibility is shot with great candidates? If any of these things sound like what you’re looking for, then […]

The Benefits of Leadership Development and Training

Ever thought about enrolling in Leadership Development and Training? One of the most unfortunate mindsets I have encountered in this country is the idea that graduation equals an end to the learning journey. It is a heartbreaking mindset; it is all the evidence I need to understand why there are so many unsuccessful people. Up […]

Team Development – Stages

Imagine for a moment that you have been placed into a leadership position of a cross-functional task force, responsible for developing a specific process or goal for your organization. The selected team members will move to the same location (at headquarters) for three months. You need to understand that smooth transitions should not be expected […]