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Beware of Some Medical Doctors

Let me say that I believe that there are some great medical doctors in the world today. Some doctors seem to go out of their way to help their patients and are fully committed to their mission as a doctor. Some expand on their current knowledge by seeking new ideas and concepts regarding medicine. Some … Read more

Dr. Spencer Duncan, DO – REVIEW

Person/Company: Dr. Spencer Duncan, DO – Family Medicine Location: Medical Plaza of Valley Center / Newton Medical Center When: 2015 Reason for Visit: Pain and possible infection My Rating: ★ What I Liked: He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he was fairly easy to talk to – when you could actually reach him. … Read more

Dr. Michael W Shuck, DO – REVIEW

Person/Company: Dr. Michael W Shuck, DO – Family Medicine Location: Primary Medical Associates – Wichita Kansas When: 1995-2010 Reason for Visit: Primary Care Physician My Rating: ★★★★ What I Liked: Dr. Shuck is an amazing man. I really enjoyed him – not only as a doctor but as a person. He knew he wasn’t perfect, … Read more

Dr. Victor A Nwanguma, MD – REVIEW

Person/Company: Dr. Victor A Nwanguma, MD Location: Redmond, OR (Telemedicine) When: 2015 Reason for Visit: Second Opinion My Rating: ★★★ What I Liked: This guy not only listened to what I had to say, but he also went out of his way to really help. He acknowledged my situation and agreed that the original opinion … Read more

How to Get a Refund From a Doctors Office

Sometimes you just need a refund. Imagine that you noticed that the tires on your car were getting bald. Your car was not driving well as a result. So you went to the one person you knew could help get you fixed up and back out on the road safely; a mechanic. You go to … Read more