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The Need for More Health Science in Health Care

When the sick are told to put their lives in the hands of someone unqualified to treat them, we know that there is a problem….

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Are Discussion Forums in Online Classes Effective?

Are discussion forums in online classes effective or beneficial? As with any tool that could be deployed during a course, the answer is not as…

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The Internet and Distance Education

Online versus traditional education. Which is best? I have seen many debates over this. However, the truth might just surprise you. First, let’s examine the…

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Do Learning Management Systems Limit Creativity?

Do Learning Management Systems (LMS) limit creativity? That’s a tough and opinion-based question to answer. However, to fully answer this question, and to understand what…

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Do Instructional Design Methods Result in Rigidity?

Do instructional design methods make teaching and learning too rigid? That is actually a challenging question to answer simply. Let me say that it really…

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Racism, Democracy, and the Failure of Education

I contend that the only way we can all unify is to face some uncomfortable truths. We need to look at ourselves in the mirror…

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DeVos and the Charter School Initiative

Charter School or Public School? It may not be that easy of a decision. As someone who is not an “educator” in the traditional sense,…

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The Party System: There is Another Way

Have you ever given any real thought to the party system? Have you ever wondered why things continue to get worse? A reader contacted me…

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A Leadership Lesson About Change in Higher Education

In her paper titled Change in Higher Education: Not Enough, or Too Much?, Adrianna Kezar explores the many different elements that both encourage and impede…

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The Common Core Question – Things to Consider

Across educational settings, there has been a major push to standardize.  Local interests complain that such efforts rob local decision-makers and educational institutions from making…