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Two More Alternative Options for Chronic Wounds

Dealing with a chronic wound or skin infection can be difficult. Our immune system plays a critical role in wound healing. However, facing a chronic infection or wound can create a higher level of concern or anxiety. Well, such stress alters your immune system’s ability to heal wounds. As you can imagine, the situation can […]

Consider Adding Far Infrared for Chronic Wounds

Studies have shown that in the United States, roughly 6.5 million people are dealing with some kind of chronic wound. Furthermore, it has been estimated that 1 to 2% of all people will experience a chronic wound during their lifetime. That’s a lot of misery going around. It’s All About the Blood A huge part […]

Adjunct Solutions for Chronic Wounds

In the United States alone, chronic wounds affect 6.5 million people. Chronic wounds are a painful, expensive, and hard-to-treat issue. The problem is that somewhere around (or above) 90% of chronic wounds contain bacteria living within biofilms. In fact, according to the book “Biofilms in Human Diseases: Treatment and Control,” Skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis, […]

Yarrow – The Amazing Herb That Belongs In Your Cabinet

Have you heard of yarrow before? In Greek mythology, Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War, is said to have used yarrow to prevent and heal his wounds. This is why yarrow’s many Latin names reflect the name Achilles – Achillea borealis, Achillea lanulosa, Achillea magna, Achillea millefolium, etc., etc. A powerful name for […]

Natural Topical Antifungal and Antibacterial Salve

Are you suffering from a bacterial or fungal wound or blemish? Got bug bites or some other embarrassing skin condition? Then let me show you how to make a natural topical antifungal and antimicrobial remedy for your ailment. It’s a simple salve that is easy to make and highly effective in all sorts of conditions. […]