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Machiavelli “The Prince” – Was It A Warning?

When reading “The Prince,” one cannot help but feel Machiavelli’s frustration and pain. His pain could have been rooted in his exile, his desire to return to political life, or perhaps even the desire to reunite Italy. Or maybe it was something else entirely. Perhaps only Machiavelli knows for sure. Machiavelli clearly loved his country, […]

7 Things Cobra Kai Can Teach Us About Leadership

Cobra Kai is one of the most popular digital programs in recent times. With good reason! It has recaptured the imaginations of those who loved the original Karate Kid trilogy. Moreover, while a little over the top at times, the show is pretty good. However, as I watched it, I found myself getting rather frustrated […]

The Guardian: A Leadership Lesson

Today we use the movie “The Guardian” as a leadership lesson, specifically, the “Phases of Transition.” If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend watching it either before or after reading this, but it’s not entirely necessary. The lesson will become evident. So in the movie, the relationship between Ben Randall and Jake Fischer started […]