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How Grocery Stores Can Reduce Internal Theft and Grazing

Let’s talk about internal theft and grazing for a moment. Let me start by asking a question. WHEN Exactly is Theft? That is not a typo. Sure… we could ask, “What is theft“… and the canned answer would be as follows: “Theft is simply the act or crime of stealing somebody else’s property.” Let’s be honest […]

Needed Change at the WORCC

The WORCC The Wichita Organized Retail Crime Coalition is an organization comprised of federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies working hand in hand with regional and local asset protection and loss prevention officers from the major retail establishments within various jurisdictions. Until 2010, the WORCC was a loosely organized group of retailers who […]

The Next Step in Dealing with Organized Retail Crime

There is a need for an expansion or overhaul regarding the communication expectation and allowance within the retail community and law enforcement. Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has become a massive threat that impacts not only the retailer but law enforcement and the community. It should be made a goal and continuing best practice to expand […]