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Sometimes Leadership is About Compassion

Sometimes leadership is about compassion, and I want to show you why. Nobody is perfect. In fact, if you show me a perfect person, I’ll show you a liar. Yet we often expect others to act in a perfect way, or at the very least, we expect them to be on the same level as […]

The Three Rule Method: Decisions and Predictions

The Three Rule Method is a technique I developed during college that allowed me to narrow down the best possible solutions, in the shortest period of time, with the greatest possibility of being correct. It’s called the Three Rule Method because it comprises three very basic rules, but placed in a specific order, like an […]

Bad Leadership – A Great Book

Bad leadership: What it is, how it happens, why it matters (the book) – Critical Assessment and Personal Reaction Introduction “This book is about the dark side of the human condition. It paints leadership in shades of gray and in black.” “Bad Leadership” is the study of rigid, insular, intemperate, incompetent, callous, corrupt, and downright evil […]

Knowledge Management – Value

This article will attempt to demonstrate several ideas in regard to the practical value of KM to an organization and the effectiveness of Knowledge-Based Leadership, as well as the strategic value of KM to an organization and the effectiveness of Knowledge-Based Leadership. NOTE: a position should be ever-changing or refined depending on the information provided, and […]

Real Leadership – Consider This

Many of us in the field of Leadership study and ponder the many different elements of what makes a leader, let alone a good one. Indeed, there are many components of the overall makeup, and a strong understanding of these does help. However, there is something that is often forgotten in regard to the identification of […]

A Manager Versus a Leader

Manager versus Leader. Many assume they are the same. Is there a difference between the two? A challenging task for most would be attempting to define or delineate the difference between a Manager and a Leader. I must admit that at one time, I, too, found myself perplexed at the notion that there was a […]