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20 Things Both Cops and Citizens Should Know

Law enforcement is in the news – again and again. Recently, we have seen calls to defund the police. Is this the responsible way to go? Bad cops bullying and killing innocent people (and criminals) is not exactly a new thing. So why the selective outrage? On the other hand, great cops doing amazing things […]

Real Leadership – Consider This

Many of us in the field of Leadership study and ponder the many different elements of what makes a leader, let alone a good one. Indeed, there are many components of the overall makeup, and a strong understanding of these does help. However, there is something that is often forgotten in regard to the identification of […]

Should We Trust Authority?

Our nation was built upon an intrinsic and rather profound distrust of authority. Over the years, this attitude changed. However, this attitude might be making a comeback. Should we trust authority? I was speaking with an active duty military member of 16 years recently. We discussed trust and the importance of trust regarding authority and […]

Leadership Insight From a Friend

I spoke with a fellow graduate about military and law enforcement actions regarding the citizenry. We might have hit on something that sheds some light on how the perception of authority affects us on both sides of the wall. I post this part of the conversation here because I know a few of you are […]