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Uncomfortable Truths About Taxation

Let’s talk about taxation for a moment. A lot of people in this country are distraught and with good reason. Yet, it seems that only…

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An Easy Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Some people are not interested in either trading cryptocurrency or mining it. Some are only interested in investing and savings, and that is just fine….

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The Pursuit of Profit – Evil Or Not?

It was recently mentioned to me that “In today’s world there is a growing segment of our society who view profits as wrong, as evil….

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The True Face of Socialism – Not Pretty

Let us discuss why socialists and socialism are so bad. What is it about socialism and communism that I despise? Let’s level-set and revisit a…

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Does Money Make the Leader?

Recently, I was having a conversation about the making of great leaders. During that conversation, I was told: “I don’t have enough money to be…

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A U.S. labor Shortage? Here are 10 Problems With That.

Today I saw a series of news articles suggesting that for the first time, there are more job openings than there are eligible workers to…

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How to Avoid Overdraft Protection Fees at the Bank

Something that has been in the news quite a bit lately, is the high dollar amount that banks are getting for overdraft fees that they…

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Understanding Interest: Things to Know

Without a calculator or Google, can you answer the following questions? If I borrow $2500 for the year at 9.25% APR, what is the total…

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Choosing a Small Loan: Here Are Some Options

Are you considering getting a small loan? It’s a big decision. Consider the following before making your decision. Many Americans are still worried about the…

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Strategize Your Debt With a Plan

You can get out of debt! However, it’s going to require a strategy. Here is what you need to do. List Our Your Debt The…