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The Dunning-Kruger Danger

Confidence is essential for leaders. However, sometimes the level of that confidence is unwarranted. Moreover, such confidence becomes dangerous when the leader is unaware that such confidence is unwarranted. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals with low levels of competence overestimate their abilities and underestimate the abilities of others. Sometimes labeled […]

The Importance of Skill Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics play an increasingly significant role in the workforce. Soon, they will play a large role in our health and in our homes. As machines continue to become more advanced, individuals need to develop skills that complement, rather than compete with, those of machines to remain relevant in the age of […]

Essential Qualities of Great Leaders Per Machiavelli

Machiavelli’s The Prince is an insightful piece meant to demonstrate the fragility of power. In that, Machiavelli provides a slew of qualities of both evil and great leaders. However, several stand out as essential for all great leaders to understand. Furthermore, such perspectives can be used in various settings after even a little critical reflection. […]

The Effects of Bias Affecting Leadership

As a leadership academic and professional, I have always been fascinated with what makes or breaks leaders. Bias specifically intrigues me. This is because, in 2013, I read an article by Carolyn Y. Johnson titled Everyone is biased: Harvard professor’s work reveals we barely know our own minds (Johnson, 2013). This article was an interview […]

In Sales? Don’t Use the Word “They”

If you’re in sales, then you might want to consider the following. When talking to a customer, we often use the word “WE” when selling the product’s or service’s benefits. This is a powerful word and conveys a team standing behind whatever we are selling. As a result, the customer feels a bit more confident […]

30 Great Leadership Books for Leadership Pros

Are you serious about your leadership abilities and skills? Looking for some great leadership books to gain insight or improve? Well, if you are going to spend your time and money reading about leadership, then choose wisely. Consuming inaccurate information will undoubtedly result in a flawed or less-than-awesome outcome. Don’t risk it! I am often […]

Hire New or Develop Existing? A Leadership Dilemma

The Senior Manager says: “What if we train and develop our people, and then they leave us?” The CEO says: “What if we don’t train them, and they stay?“ No doubt you have seen this meme circulating in recent years. It’s true, though. It’s also very insightful. Think about the mindset of an organization that […]

Validation Exchange Theory – Organizational Currency

Validation Exchange: Validation Exchange can be an amazing tool for communication, goal traction, engagement, performance management, quality control, and relationship/team building (among others). An Example of Validation Exchange in Play: A leader asks a worker to put together a report on (X, Y, and Z) and have that report available before the end of the […]

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a complex endeavor, even for the smallest organizations. This is because there is much to consider as the organization grows and because new perspectives and considerations arise with each new change. Ultimately, there are several specific strengths and weaknesses that I feel an organization should be on the lookout for. The following […]

Did We Forget About WE THE PEOPLE?

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of “I wish we could get a decent leader in office,” “All politicians are crooks,” or even “If I were in office, things would be different”? Many of us have found an issue with various local or state laws, taxation, or other issues that continue […]