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Is It Time To Talk About Gun Laws Yet?

It took only minutes before people began to exploit the tragedy in Las Vegas for their political agendas regarding gun laws. It’s so unfortunate, too, because instead of finding solutions for real problems, stupidity was spread to the ignorant that follow. As a result, many good people whose hearts may be in the right spot […]

A Look Inside the Mind of an Active Shooter

In light of recent events, several people have asked me questions regarding mass or active shooter events. I thought I would write an article so that all my readers could have the necessary information. This article will focus on three specific areas: The Stages, The Profile, and The Tactics. Understand that this is not meant […]

Situational Awareness – Tips to Help Maximize Safety

Did you know that there is National Situational Awareness Day? I didn’t. It is observed annually on September 26th. It looks like we just missed it, but the discovery of this day got me thinking about how many people really have an issue with situational awareness and how many should give it a second look.  […]

Browse Anonymously

Do you think you browse anonymously? Think again! Nothing is 100% anonymous or secure these days, but sometimes we want or need a little added protection when we are surfing the web. Criminals and other shady organizations are getting rather creative when it comes to getting and using private information often relayed over digital networks. This […]

Secure Your Cell Phone

Whether you are worried about a prying loved one or the NSA, the information on your cell phone can be accessed by a third party. It’s actually quite easy these days to spy on someone through their cell phone. You might very well be a victim right now and not know about it. Several news […]

Rethinking Security Barriers

There are really only two ways to prevent malevolent actions; one is to deter your adversary, and the other is to defeat your adversary. Today we are going to focus on deterring via barriers. It should be noted that some of the topics discussed will not be ideal for all properties or price ranges. So, […]

Low Cost DIY Home Security

Let’s be honest, unless you have a fortified compound, and perhaps even then, if someone REALLY wants to get into your home, with a bit of time… they will, unless they are deterred by whatever measures you already have in place. But that’s what security is all about: time and deterrence! The good news is […]

Survive an Active Shooter

We live in an increasingly hostile world. Television and social media make us increasingly aware of the possibility of being caught in an active shooter situation. Unfortunately, as economic and political hardships increase, acts of violence and crime will also increase. Here are some things to know if you are in an active shooter scenario. […]