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The Traits Necessary to be a University President

Introduction John Kroger of INSIDE HigherED has argued that “a university president may need significantly greater leadership skills to achieve good outcomes than leaders in other contexts” (Kroger, 2018). His reasons include having “a large number of constituencies with very different interests, accompanied by unwieldy board structures and conflicting and vague governance rules.” Kroger suggests […]

Perception of Leadership

Time and time again, I am asked: “What do you think makes a great leader?” I’m here to tell you that the answer is often relative. I mean, wouldn’t that be based on your perception? Of course, it would. Great leadership can be hard to wrap your head around when you factor in the “other […]

The Leadership of Thomas Jefferson

Being a leader can sometimes mean just being in the right place at the right time or even being charismatic enough that others will simply follow. Jefferson was more than that, though. He exemplified the qualities of a true leader in the face of unbelievable adversity and pressure. A good leader exhibits honesty and foresight; […]

Woodrow Wilson – Influence of Failure

When asked what leader influenced the failure of an organization or large group because of the change that they influenced, no other leader comes to mind stronger than Woodrow Wilson. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a leader who largely influenced many changes that would eventually result in what I would call “the ultimate failure of America.” […]