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Q & A: Questionable Employee Social Media Posts

I was recently asked my opinion regarding questionable employee social media posts. Such posts can complicate things. Let us explore this for a moment. Question Posed: “How do you handle staff who post/share racist things on their personal social media (Anti refugee, immigrant, LGBTQ kinda stuff)? Not trying to start any arguments, just wondering if […]

Confederate Symbols and Things to Think About

Is it odd to anyone else that liberals are desperately trying to rid this nation of its history? What is their end game? For instance, we are all familiar with the push to eliminate Confederate symbols over the last several years (Ng, 2015). This included taking down a statue of a man who freed his […]

Let’s Talk About The Term: Redskin

The Washington Redskins have recently announced they will be reviewing the team’s name due to pressure from the public and corporate sponsors. But is the term “Redskin” really a bad thing? The issue is not as clear-cut as it seems. There are always two sides to every story, and in this case, it’s important to […]