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Care About Your Rights? Let’s Talk About It

Let me make something abundantly clear: an unalienable or natural right naturally exists in the absence of authority and does not inherently infringe upon the rights of another. It does not matter your race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or anything else because these things do not change in the absence of authority. What they teach […]

The Power to Protect – OURSELVES

One right sticks out more than most when considering an Amendment’s possible controversy. This, of course, is Amendment II, the right to protect ourselves. There seems to be some confusion about the limits of this amendment and perhaps how it applies. This article should help alleviate any such controversy and explain what should be the […]

Borders & Boundaries: Do the Lines Matter?

A few who oppose the current state (such as Libertarians and Anarchists) often say that nations are basically geographic areas based on arbitrary lines on a map and controlled by gangs with flags. Some go as far as to say such lines are simply imaginary. These are interesting ideas, for sure. So let us explore […]

Truths about Laws and Their Enforcement

You have probably heard many conservatives recite “Land of the Free – Home of the Brave.” I find it curious. Would you really call us a Free or Brave nation at this point? Think about how many laws there are. Do you know how many laws are on the books? Do not feel bad if […]

The Militia: A Few Words and Things to Consider

Perception is a substantial piece of the overall picture, sometimes, I suppose. I was doing some research lately and stumbled upon a website called TRAC – or Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, an interesting site that helps shed light on targets of interest and perhaps even responsible parties regarding terrorist activities. However, as I scrolled […]

A Sad State of Affairs – Is Ignorance Winning?

I read a post today on social media suggesting that “the Constitution was written by white people – for white people,” and continued by saying that “white people are treated better than any other race on the planet.” Aside from being sad, it’s just not accurate – either now or historically. In fact, it breaks […]


How can the citizenry trust that authority if the authority is blatantly and unapologetically extorting money from the people, profiting from them, and threatening them? When that authority unfairly targets political groups because of political belief, how can the citizenry trust that authority? When the authority continues to vote themselves raises and will not set […]

Did We Forget About WE THE PEOPLE?

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of “I wish we could get a decent leader in office,” “All politicians are crooks,” or even “If I were in office, things would be different”? Many of us have found an issue with various local or state laws, taxation, or other issues that continue […]

Should We Trust Authority?

Our nation was built upon an intrinsic and rather profound distrust of authority. Over the years, this attitude changed. However, this attitude might be making a comeback. Should we trust authority? I was speaking with an active duty military member of 16 years recently. We discussed trust and the importance of trust regarding authority and […]

Expert Testifies About the Right to Overthrow Government

Expert testifies about the right to overthrow the government? Sitting before a congressional committee, Michael Cannon (the Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute) hesitantly stated, “There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restraints that the constitution places on the government. Abraham […]