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Harassment by a Former Employer

Harassment or stalking perpetrated by a former employer can manifest due to a myriad of personal or professional motivations. Such conduct is both regrettable and intolerable. If you are experiencing this, I want to emphatically state that you should take proactive measures to safeguard yourself, as these situations can often escalate swiftly. The root causes […]

Where There is Thunder, There is Lightning: Be Aware

Lightning is responsible for thousands of deaths every year around the globe (NatGeo, 2009). A simple Google News search will find plenty of recent stories to demonstrate how common such events truly are. The danger is real but is often not top of mind when we think about safety concerns. When it comes to lightning, […]

How to be a Prepper – A Few Things to Consider

Since when did being prepared for something become a bad idea? Would planning for retirement outside of social security make you a “conspiracy theorist”? So why is it a bad idea to be prepared for the numerous reasons presented yearly? As many have finally figured out, it’s probably not a bad idea for everyone to […]

What Should We Blame Mass Shootings On?

As you can imagine, I’ve been asked several times to provide my two cents regarding the latest series of mass shootings. I’m happy to do so but let’s put aside the numerous “strange” or unexplainable things related to these recent shootings (because there are several). Instead, let’s focus on mass shootings in general. There are […]

Performing a Risk Analysis

Risk analysis isn’t as cut and dry as one might think. By definition, risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential issues that could negatively impact key business initiatives or critical projects in order to help organizations avoid or mitigate those risks. However, one must consider what risk entails to do this effectively. […]

Teach Your Children to Walk AGAINST Traffic

Recently, I wanted to do an experiment where I would keep track of the number of times I would see someone walk in the same direction as traffic. The plan was to count them regardless of whether or not there was a sidewalk, and I would do this for about 30 days. A bonus for […]

A Look Inside the Mind of an Active Shooter

In light of recent events, several people have asked me questions regarding mass or active shooter events. I thought I would write an article so that all my readers could have the necessary information. This article will focus on three specific areas: The Stages, The Profile, and The Tactics. Understand that this is not meant […]