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Q & A: Questionable Employee Social Media Posts

I was recently asked my opinion regarding questionable employee social media posts. Such posts can complicate things. Let us explore this for a moment. Question Posed: “How do you handle staff who post/share racist things on their personal social media (Anti refugee, immigrant, LGBTQ kinda stuff)? Not trying to start any arguments, just wondering if […]

Social Media is Power – If Used Correctly

We have had powerful social media outlets now for over a decade. Most of us have gotten used to them, and some have grown tired of them. But let me take a moment to remind everyone that social media is powerful. If utilized correctly, the power it can provide is almost limitless. People, images, ideas, […]

Some Dangers of Social Media Posts

Have you ever given any thought to your social media status updates? Perhaps you should. While no one wants to think about it, you might be putting yourself at risk based on your post. It seems that our need to be connected via social media results in risky behaviors that too many are simply not […]