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Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is currently the most popular perspective of leadership. It is defined as a leadership approach that causes a change in individuals and social systems. Ideally, transformational leaders create positive change in their followers and ultimately develop their followers into leaders. However, don’t confuse this with pseudo-transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is fairly easy to identify. […]

Leadership Style vs Trait – Things to Consider

Those in the leadership field need to fully understand the difference between leadership style and leadership traits. While many might consider the differences subtle, the truth is that being able to identify the two can and probably will ultimately impact your organization’s overall direction and success. What follows is a comparison and contrast of style […]

Leader-Follower Theory

In order to appreciate the impact of the Leader-Follower Theory in your workplace or organization, one must first understand the meaning of Leader-Follower Theory. This is important because the meaning represents a foundation upon which to build upon. The impact is the effect of the identified processes and behaviors that stem from the foundation. Meaning of […]

Pseudo-Transformational Leaders

It is essential to understand pseudo-transformational leadership for numerous reasons, but none more important than identifying when we are being manipulated or deceived. This is, of course, a position based on opinion. Still, the fact remains that such knowledge can keep you from falling victim to a leader’s selfish ambitions and may even be able […]