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A Tyrannical Government – Really?

What are all these cries about tyrannical government? Why are others saying the government is NOT tyrannical? People seem confused. Do people even know what tyranny is? To understand this topic’s depths, we must break down the terms. By definition, tyranny is a cruel and oppressive government or rule (Merriam-Webster, Tyranny). “Oppressive” means very unpleasant […]

Let Me Draw You Some Pictures… Because I’m Nice

RANT WARNING – CONDESCENDING STATEMENT (AND PICTURES) AHEAD In a recent post, Two Really Ignorant Statements And What You Should Know, I covered some of the numbers associated with the current economic situation. Somehow, some didn’t get it. I venture to say they simply didn’t read it. Yes, it’s long. I’m sorry, but our problems, […]

Snowden the Movie: A Review

By now, you’ve probably heard about Edward Snowden, the C.I.A. analyst turned classified-document dumping whistle-blower who now lives his life in Russia because he fears arrest by his own government – for exposing the illegal activities of said government. Perhaps you have watched Laura Poitras’s Oscar-winning documentary, “Citizenfour,” filmed largely in the Hotel Mira back […]