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The Traits Necessary to be a University President

Introduction John Kroger of INSIDE HigherED has argued that “a university president may need significantly greater leadership skills to achieve good outcomes than leaders in other contexts” (Kroger, 2018). His reasons include having “a large number of constituencies with very different interests, accompanied by unwieldy board structures and conflicting and vague governance rules.” Kroger suggests […]

DeVos and the Charter School Initiative

Charter School or Public School? It may not be that easy of a decision. As someone who is not an “educator” in the traditional sense, I admit that my opinions of Education Secretary DeVos and her policies likely differ from some and probably for different reasons. I am also acutely aware that any leader will […]

Is Education Worth It?

Over and over and over again, we see the headlines: “Why a College Degree May Not Be Worth It,” “Higher education: Is college worth it?” or “The diminishing returns of a college education.” I want to talk to you about this for a bit because this is a HUGE problem, in my opinion. Let’s begin […]