Embracing Knowledge and Technology for Liberty


Friends, it seems to me that we are at an interesting crossroads in history. However, many don’t know or appreciate where we came from, and most have no idea where we should be heading. This results in a feeling of being lost or confused. Moreover, most lack the necessary contexts and knowledge to make informed decisions about our ideal path, and infighting and division have erupted each time we come upon a twist or turn. This problem and its outcome are both predictable. Consider this your warning but also your ray of hope. It’s not too late to save the United States.

In pursuing progress and prosperity, the foundation lies in the thirst for knowledge and the drive to learn. Yet, we find ourselves in a world where learning has lost its appeal, hindering our ability to evolve and overcome the challenges that beset us. The phrase “Land of the free and home of the brave” rings hollow as fear pervades our society, and the true meaning of freedom eludes us. However, acknowledging our current state is the first step towards envisioning a brighter future—a world driven by unity, innovation, and knowledge.

In our present era, people are increasingly positioned against each other, torn apart by conflicting interests propagated by powerful entities. A striking example is the division between the right, advocating for cheaper fuel, and the left, fighting for environmental preservation. We fail to realize that viable solutions exist to address both concerns, obscured by the distractions perpetuated by large corporations and an indifferent government. We must see beyond this manufactured dichotomy to create meaningful change and unite to pursue common goals. Unfortunately, we have lost sight of those goals and cannot seem to unify.

Fear has become ingrained in our society, leading us to reject ideas and technologies we do not fully understand. Via propaganda or astroturfing, the people are led astray. This aversion or avoidance of the unknown stifles progress and innovation. We must recognize that the path to growth lies in embracing education, promoting understanding, and challenging our preconceived notions. Knowledge is a potent tool that empowers individuals and fosters a cohesive society.

Admiration for our Founding Fathers seems to coexist with the rejection of their core principles. The ignorant smear them for the practices they personally attempted to destroy. The irony is beyond measure. Moreover, the value of things like education, freedom of speech, and self-protection, championed by these visionaries, is often overshadowed by political divides and misinterpretations. We must revisit our roots and recommit ourselves to the principles that have shaped our nation’s identity. However, we must remember that the ignorant are easily led. If knowledge is power, this nation has been rendered powerless. Only you can change that for yourself.

Our collective rage is often directed at issues that have minimal impact on our lives, while genuine problems remain unresolved and unexamined. Addressing complex challenges requires a willingness to delve into their intricacies, yet we have been conditioned to ignore the nuanced context necessary for meaningful examination or effective solutions. This is no accident, and this ignorance perpetuates social, economic, and political divides, hindering societal progress.

The world is changing. The economic upheaval is upon us. Advancements in technology are poised to disrupt traditional economic models profoundly. Understand that this scares the establishment, but also understand that from automation and artificial intelligence to decentralized finance and blockchain, these innovations can potentially redefine the very nature of work, wealth distribution, and how we interact economically.

In opposition to our Founders, our monetary system remains highly centralized, but an opportunity for a technologically transformative shift is within reach. Digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies, challenge the entrenched dominance of traditional fiat currencies issued and controlled by governments and central banks. Some might argue that crypto is fake and holds no value. I would argue the same for your dollar. The question then becomes, would you rather hold on to centralized ideas or embrace liberty? It’s a fork in the road. The change happens either way.

While these may not be a complete solution, embracing this change can unlock numerous opportunities, empowering individuals with greater financial sovereignty and control over their wealth. The answers we seek lie in embracing innovation, understanding the destructive impact of inflation and dollar devaluation perpetuated by the banks, and heeding the warnings of our Founders and historical figures like Andrew Jackson. Our nation has a rich history in this struggle, and you would be wise to learn about that.

Ironically, prevailing narratives are positioning people to disregard the wisdom of our Founders, effectively advocating for further empowerment of central banks. Such contortions would greatly disappoint those who laid the groundwork for our nation. Allow reason to be your guide. Ask yourself, “Do I want the money to stay in my community, or do I prefer it goes to the central bank?” This critical question should serve as the guiding principle before supporting any initiative, law, debate, or participation in economic activities.

Of course, it may not matter soon. The traditional ways of conducting business are evolving rapidly. E-commerce, peer-to-peer platforms, and decentralized marketplaces are reshaping the exchange of goods and services. This issue will only grow from here. Embracing these new avenues of commerce allows liberty-minded individuals to foster free-market principles and entrepreneurial freedom. Rejecting them entirely only ensures that those with an opposing agenda have control. You get to choose, but your actions will dictate the outcome.

Don’t fear the future. The future presents opportunities for prosperity and growth for those willing to adapt and seize the potential of these transformative technologies. Rather than shying away from change due to fear or distrust, liberty-minded individuals have the chance to shape the economic landscape with their values intact. However, this requires us to be brave in the face of uncertainty. It requires us to retool and learn new things. More importantly, we must let go of inefficient thoughts and approaches, and we must unite in our pursuit of the vision.

Navigating this economic revolution may seem daunting, but the power of collaboration and collective wisdom cannot be underestimated. You are not alone unless you choose to be. Unfortunately, many Constitutionalists decide to work alone. This will be their downfall. It doesn’t have to be this way. E pluribus unum – “Out of many, one.” That used to be our motto. We can reclaim it. Liberty-minded individuals, acknowledging the strength in unity, can work together to build solutions that align with their core principles, ensuring that the progress we face is tempered with liberty and the solidification of individual rights. However, this also means that we must recognize the rights of those with whom we disagree and conquer those who seek to eliminate ours.

Change is here. It is happening in real-time. Therefore, it is essential for those who grasp the implications of these changes to share knowledge and insights with others. It is also necessary for those who want to learn to finally listen and do their homework. By empowering more individuals with a deep understanding of these technologies and their potential impact, along with a strong understanding of the vision and how we can protect ourselves, we can collectively create a society that values freedom and innovation while reducing tyranny’s foothold. However, there are a few things that must be considered first.

We must stop our self-divisions. We are divided upon petty lines that only empower those seeking to destroy our Constitution. As we are distracted and divided, they are united and advance their agenda. Remember, the Bill of Rights clarifies that we can all believe what we want, think what we want, and be what we want. It’s time to start supporting one another in that vision – even if we disagree sometimes.

Ignorance has led this nation astray. We must come to terms with this reality. This nation is not racist; it wasn’t built on genocide; it’s not a Christian nation; it’s not a Democracy, and yes, Thomas Jefferson wanted education to be free for those who wanted it because he understood that an educated society could protect the Republic. These are not opinions; these are easily verified facts. Only defending misconceptions and confirmation bias keep people from these truths. Similarly, vowing allegiance to causes or positions without genuine understanding clearly leads to misguided actions and decisions. We see it every day in this country, and this reality is beyond sad.

Citizens, elected leaders, the military, and ego-driven law enforcement are all guilty. Our unalienable rights have taken a back seat, few are doing anything to stop it, and people fight over things they have not examined. Indeed, you cannot support, love, exercise, or even defend something you do not know, and pledging loyalty to principles without comprehending their implications undermines the very values we are tasked to uphold. A more informed and reflective approach is necessary to align our actions with the vision. George Washington was right. The party system is tearing us apart. Socrates was right. We are definitely wrong most of the time when we follow the masses. Unfortunately, the distractions are real and increasing. But so, too, are our problems.

We are at fault for the expansion of government. Each day, we provide all the reasons that support the need for more government control. It’s simple, our country is founded on the idea of being ‘of the people, for the people, by the people.’ So, when we (the people) struggle to address even our most simple issues effectively, it gives the government all the reason they need to justify taking more control. Something has to give, and it likely will in the very near future if we do not course-correct.

Technology offers immense potential to liberate us from the grip of powerful governments and corporations. As technology increases, the perceived necessity of government reduces. Technology is not your enemy. However, fear of change and the unfamiliar has left us hesitant to embrace technological advancements and fearful of those creating them. Remember: mastery happens through immersion and repetition, not because you tried it once. Similarly, by fostering a culture of responsible and innovative tech adoption, we can harness its power to propel us towards a more free and prosperous future. However, we must be brave and willing to learn to accomplish this.

As our Founders tried to tell us, knowledge serves as the bedrock of progress and the key to emancipation. This truth has been known for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Knowledge empowers us to challenge oppressive systems, confront societal injustices, and envision a better world. Thomas Jefferson made this clear on several occasions. Therefore, we must reject the notion that education is worthless and recognize it as the gateway to individual freedom and collective advancement. This also means that we must support those who seek it. We must also acknowledge that it is through educating ourselves that we will gain the necessary familiarity with technology to both have a voice in the decisions regarding it and utilize its power to our advantage personally.

Of course, to even attempt to solidify or rebuild a nation that aligns with the values of liberty, we must first understand what freedom is. We must realize that innovations do not come from group think. We must revisit our founding documents. We must stop seeing each other as enemies. We must let go of the past and shed the conditioning that deters us from seeking alternative solutions. It is essential to embrace new ideas, perspectives, and innovations that challenge the status quo because the status quo is clearly not working for the people. By embracing the new, we get an opportunity to play an integral part in laying the foundation for a society that fosters collaboration, creativity, and positive change while holding on to the unalienable freedoms that we all hold dear.

Frankly, I am saddened by what I see in this country today. Unfortunately, the words of guys like Niccolo Machiavelli, John Locke, Thomas Paine, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson have already been forgotten by many. Of course, most never had the opportunity to hear them in the first place. However, it’s not too late. In the absence of such wisdom, logic, and reason can be a solid guide. And though the future may seem uncertain, and while we are undoubtedly about to face something that will be studied and pondered for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, I want to impress upon you that we (you and I) possess the power to shape it to our advantage.

By coming together and rekindling our commitment to foundational ideas such as knowledge, freedom, and progress, and by refocusing on the vision that we have been provided (the Constitution/Bill of Rights), we can forge this new world into something where technology, energy, education, liberty, and ideas work in harmony. However, this requires breaking free from divisive conditioning being spoon-fed to us by mainstream and social media and embracing the path charted by our Founders—uniting in purpose, envisioning a better future, and nurturing a society that empowers individuals and fosters collective growth. Only together can we fulfill the vision of our Constitution.

Of course, in many ways, I feel that this effort of mine is futile. Historically speaking, I know that most will remain right where they are until these issues are literally stepping on their necks. However, I wouldn’t feel right unless I tried.

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