Time to Get REAL on Immigration

I was recently asked why I am so against criminal immigration. Well, I could probably list over a hundred reasons, but a few things are worth mentioning. This is my rant. And perhaps I am a bit of a jerk on this one, but understand that it comes with a reason. The topic of immigration […]

Is Contempt for Law Enforcement Justified?

I was recently provided an article titled “Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police,” written by “Anonymous Cop.” This article was provided to me by a law enforcement officer I hold in high regard. He is an officer known for his Constitutional enforcement, strength, intellect, and much more. He provided the article with […]

Needed Organizational Improvements in Walmart

Executive Summary With the domestic and global economy continuing to decline, the wave of the future in the retail environment will not be found in old thinking. Walmart, the world’s largest privately held corporation, is no exception. They may be the proof. Amazon.com and other innovative retailers are shutting their brick-and-mortar stores left and right, […]

Pareto’s Principle – The 80/20 Rule

A big part of being a leader means knowing certain things – or getting close when we don’t. So if I asked you right now what percentage of Americans own what percentage of civilian-owned firearms, could you tell me something close without looking it up? Most could not, but I am about to change that […]

Organizational Development – A Plan

The following suggested plan for organizational development is a guide for senior leadership to help develop their organization. This proposed plan will cover varying concerns, including developing people, systems, processes, teamwork, and institutional foresight and knowledge. The Potential Problems Before one can appreciate the guide, the potential problems must first be addressed. There are varying […]

Needed Change at the WORCC

The WORCC The Wichita Organized Retail Crime Coalition is an organization comprised of federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies working hand in hand with regional and local asset protection and loss prevention officers from the major retail establishments within various jurisdictions. Until 2010, the WORCC was a loosely organized group of retailers who […]

Immoral But Effective Leaders

Can there be immoral yet effective leaders? Yes, you can be immoral and still be an effective leader… at least for a while. However, this is usually not sustainable and will eventually catch up with those breaching moral guidelines. Unless you are a politician, it is usually only a matter of time before immoral behavior […]

The Next Step in Dealing with Organized Retail Crime

There is a need for an expansion or overhaul regarding the communication expectation and allowance within the retail community and law enforcement. Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has become a massive threat that impacts not only the retailer but law enforcement and the community. It should be made a goal and continuing best practice to expand […]

What is a Three Percenter?

There have been a lot of questions lately regarding the term “Three Percenter.” The term comes up every once in a while, especially when the federal government commits perceived injustices. But why? What is a Three Percenter? In October of 2009, the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that claims that they are “the nation’s premier civil […]

U.S. vs. Castleman

In 2009, a man named James Castleman was charged with violating federal gun laws when he was caught with firearms. Why did he “lose” this right in the first place? He pleaded guilty in 2001 to causing “bodily injury” to the mother of his child. Flash forward a bit; Castleman decided to fight it, and […]