Unlawful Detainment or Arrest

What is unlawful anyway? Is it merely perspective? It was shaping up to be a lovely evening. Fit as any for a pleasant stroll around the block. In need of a couple of items, a man decided to walk to his local grocery store. Thanks to the media, the entire nation was on edge over […]

Saving Money – Save over $1300 the Easy Way

I came across a pretty novel idea recently when it comes to saving money the easy way. Well, it came across my Facebook feed, and I looked at it. Now, I’m taking it, improving it, and sharing it with you. Regardless, the idea is pretty simple and has the correct premise overall. It’s called the […]

FDR – Will Live In Infamy

FDR is the one that will likely live in infamy. Today is December 7th. Let me take a second to rant about the events that occurred 72 years ago. By the way, the 72-year point will be crucial for some of you doing research later on. Anyway, I present this not as a historical fact […]

A Manager Versus a Leader

Manager versus Leader. Many assume they are the same. Is there a difference between the two? A challenging task for most would be attempting to define or delineate the difference between a Manager and a Leader. I must admit that at one time, I, too, found myself perplexed at the notion that there was a […]

Expert Testifies About the Right to Overthrow Government

Expert testifies about the right to overthrow the government? Sitting before a congressional committee, Michael Cannon (the Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute) hesitantly stated, “There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restraints that the constitution places on the government. Abraham […]

Terrorist Birth Houses on American Soil?

A confidential source, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, has provided some shocking information that needs to be heard. In a small town on the East Coast, a local government worker has discovered something utterly disturbing. There are supposed birth houses starting to spring up once again in the United States. Our confidential […]

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Positions – Simple Truths Recently I was asked why I think there are more males than females in leadership positions in today’s business world. Then I was asked what I thought I could do to contribute to the “improvement” of the situation. Unfortunately, as a leadership professional, I know the truth behind […]

Exploring Energy Ideas

Energy Ideas: a considerable debate lately has been about what to do about our energy prices. Another debate is on how we become self-sufficient and stop relying on our enemies to supply us with the fuel necessary to power our advanced civilization. The funny part of this situation is how straightforward the answers to these […]

CFL Lightbulbs – Is Snopes Reliable?

What a great question! I recently had someone try to state that an interpretive article I posted from an alternate news source was false. This retort was based on a posting from Snopes, so evidently, this was supposed to be the end of the conversation. Well, this person didn’t know me very well. My note […]