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Symptom Research: Imagine the Possibilities!

The trajectory of healthcare points towards a paradigm shift: integrated care. With each new revelation in scientific understanding of the human body, the less likely it becomes that any one person will have the necessary knowledge needed for comprehensive patient care. When it comes to medical symptom research, some may suggest that artificial intelligence holds […]

So What Is Health Science Anyway?

You may have heard me mention it. Perhaps you have seen the term but don’t know what it means. So, what is Health Science? Health Science (HS) is a multidisciplinary component of health care that seeks to improve health outcomes by developing knowledge and interventions for general health and wellness as well as disease treatment […]

A Rant About Free Stuff

I wanted to take a few minutes and vent about something that encompasses many of my work’s points. It is sort of a tough topic, and it has multiple sides and angles. I won’t be able to hit them all, but I do want to hit on a few. Understand that these are just things […]

Where have the GOOD Medical Doctors Gone?

My question to the world is simple: “Where are the doctors that actually care for their patients?” Did aliens take them away? Did they go all John Galt on us? Are they hidden away in some secret government facility? I’m sure some can say that they know a decent doctor or had a great experience […]