So What Is Health Science Anyway?


You may have heard me mention it. Perhaps you have seen the term but don’t know what it means. So, what is Health Science? Health Science (HS) is a multidisciplinary component of health care that seeks to improve health outcomes by developing knowledge and interventions for general health and wellness as well as disease treatment and prevention (Nature, 2020; ScienceDaily, 2020). That’s a mouthful, but it means a lot because it’s changing lives.

In a special report in The West Indian Medical Journal, Health Science was featured as a hope for health care because of its orientation around etiology, exercise, nutrition, health policy, health education, and health economics (Ashraf, 2015). The journal notes that a total understanding of Health Science’s applications will take some time but that not only is Health Science one of the fastest emerging fields in the health industry, its practice often results in improved outcomes and overall better health management (Ashraf, 2015).

Health Science is relatively new, and the potential of its application is still being explored. This means a clear vision of what HS can or should be or do has not yet been developed. While HS’s youth can be seen as a benefit regarding the enormous potential and opportunities this youth affords, it also poses an issue regarding immediate referral and inclusion, let alone any healthcare culture alternations. As of this publication, Health Science professionals remain largely unempowered in the grand scheme of health care.

Ultimately, HS specialties are still being developed and explored. Further research is necessary regarding age spectrum, gender, and various lifestyles to better understand and refine its application and potential. As of this publication, studies regarding the efficacy of HS in practice are scarce, and the full scope of the application of HS is still largely unknown.

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This is a compilation of excerpts from an article I will be publishing later. I am sharing it now due to the repeated questions that I have received on the topic.


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