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The Problem with Public Education

Undoubtedly, most of the information on this site will be new to most readers. Still, a few may have been exposed to at least some of it at some point. This begs the question, “Why weren’t we taught this stuff in school, and why don’t I hear about this more?” Has education failed us? This […]

Power and Leadership Are Different

The Difference between Power and Leadership Leadership and Power are two very different concepts, and differentiating the two is quite important. There are about as many definitions for leadership as there are leaders. However, the general idea is that leadership is about influence and courage to do the right thing; by seizing the moment and […]

The Effects of Bias Affecting Leadership

As a leadership academic and professional, I have always been fascinated with what makes or breaks leaders. Bias specifically intrigues me. This is because, in 2013, I read an article by Carolyn Y. Johnson titled Everyone is biased: Harvard professor’s work reveals we barely know our own minds (Johnson, 2013). This article was an interview […]

The Party System: There is Another Way

Have you ever given any real thought to the party system? Have you ever wondered why things continue to get worse? A reader contacted me with the following. “I often wonder why, out of the 327 million people in America and the billions spent in Post-Secondary schools, you have the choices for president that you […]

Social Media is Power – If Used Correctly

We have had powerful social media outlets now for over a decade. Most of us have gotten used to them, and some have grown tired of them. But let me take a moment to remind everyone that social media is powerful. If utilized correctly, the power it can provide is almost limitless. People, images, ideas, […]

Did We Forget About WE THE PEOPLE?

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of “I wish we could get a decent leader in office,” “All politicians are crooks,” or even “If I were in office, things would be different”? Many of us have found an issue with various local or state laws, taxation, or other issues that continue […]

Leaders! Your People Matter

Your organization will live and die by the people you choose to be a part of it. This is why not only considering the people you choose but also the structure you choose and the placement of those people is so critical. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Consider Span of Control […]

Typology of Power

Recommended reading: Confucius, Machiavelli, and Rousseau: Studies in Contrast. Because “contrast” they do. One element presented in the reading was Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter’s typology of power. For clarification, typology is basically the study and interpretation of different types. John Kotter’s typology of power is the study and interpretation of different types or […]