The Problem with Public Education


Undoubtedly, most of the information on this site will be new to most readers. Still, a few may have been exposed to at least some of it at some point. This begs the question, “Why weren’t we taught this stuff in school, and why don’t I hear about this more?” Has education failed us?

This article is not a blanket statement either. There will be some reading this that attended private school, were homeschooled, or perhaps went to public school but then went to a private college. Of course, some have been victims of public school but were lucky enough to have been awakened and researched much of it all themselves. Understand that this article is not about ALL education per se. Instead, it is a focus on government-run education.

Knowledge is power, right? This is often why you will hear me say that the nation as a whole has been rendered powerless. The majority of schools in the country today are dictated, at least in some part, by the government. This usually comes by way of curriculum. This is no secret. We need to stop right there, though, do we not? Some would like to retort with the idea that individual states run education. True, this used to be the case, but since the inception of programs such as “Race to the Top” or the No Child Left Behind Act, can we really say that? What about when we consider the Common Core State Standards Initiative?

A great example of just how bad it has become is the idea that the President of the United States has the power to create laws or get stuff done. Everyone these days looks to the President to solve all of their problems. However, if government-run education were worth a fraction of what was paid, more people would probably know that the President of the United States CAN NOT make laws, declare war, decide how federal money will be spent, interpret laws, or even choose Cabinet members or Supreme Court Justices without Senate approval. Did you even know this? Do not feel bad if you did not. You can place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the government, which provided you with its version of education. That being said, this is a very good example of the unbelievably high level of ignorance in this country today.

Think about it. If knowledge is power, then essentially, the government has provided you with the power it wanted you to have. Another way to look at it could be to say that they have rendered you powerless. The information they provided seems to be enough to get you through life, but not to question their actions. After all, it would be pretty difficult to protest the trampling of a right if you do not know what that right is, to begin with.

Have you ever wondered why English, Math, and Science were the focus? Sure, you are taught some social studies, a little history, and maybe even a little government, but if you were asked to list the cabinet positions and who currently hold those positions, could you do it? If you were asked to delineate the “Intolerable Acts,” could you do it? How about defining the procedure of impeachment or how a law is created? Or, more importantly, do you know how to participate in the repeal of a law or how to go about running for office? Most do not know and then tell themselves that they were just not into these subjects.

What was Alexander Hamilton’s connection to the Central Bank? What was the reason provided by Benjamin Franklin to fight the Revolutionary War? What personal experience did Franklin have with slavery? Why did we not read about Black Slave Owners or white slaves? Why is the Constitution not memorized? Why is the Bill of Rights not memorized? Perhaps you are just not interested in learning about colonial times? We could do this for days.

To drive home the point, we have to look at an event that just about everyone is familiar with. Everyone knows about Lewis and Clark. Their expeditions were covered quite a bit in school. School plays, books, etc. However, do you think it is weird then that you cannot remember hearing about the death of Captain Meriwether Lewis or why it might be considered controversial?

It is a simple equation, my friends. Just like in the case of Captain Meriwether Lewis, if you knew all of the circumstances, you would ask questions and dig. If you dig, you will come across more things to question. With each new question comes a new answer. Each answer provides new insight until you eventually find the total truth. However, if that truth needed to be suppressed for any reason, the easy way to avoid all of the hassles is to simply not provide you information that you would question and present related information at a time when you cannot ask such high-level questions anyway, like childhood.

It is not just in grade school, though. Let us look at high school or even college-level ideas. Why does the United States celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo but not Mexico? What was the Act of 1871? What was Andersonville? Abraham Lincoln instituted Martial Law during the Civil War; who rescinded it? What is the Federal Reserve Act? What branch of government does the Federal Reserve fall under? What was the Bonus Army? Why did the US not bomb Tokyo? Why did the Japanese not advance onto the West Coast after having decimated the pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor? When did birth certificates start, and why? What is Universal Commercial Code, and how does it relate to the Constitution? Why was Operation Gunnerside so important? What is the Holocene extinction? What was the Kent State Massacre? This list goes on as well. Were you not interested in these facts either?

There is a ton of information that probably should have been taught but was not. Ask yourself what seems more likely: these were not taught because of time constraints, or these were not taught because by learning these trivial facts, you will be able to see certain truths that some simply do not want you to know.

Think about all the things you did (or do) in school that are not exactly relevant in the grand scheme of your life or are things you have yet to or will never really use. Is it substantial?

If knowledge is power, then understand that there is information that empowers a populous and information that empowers the establishment. This is the paradigm in which we play. We send our children off to a government-run school, where they learn trivial ideas, mathematics, music, science, etc., but learn little of what really impacts their lives regarding their own personal power. The ignorance is exacerbated due to messages via bias or state-run media and pop culture.

So what is the result? The US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently released the initial results of an international survey of adult skills in literacy and mathematics, revealing that Americans rank 21st in “numeracy” and are tied for 15th in literacy among adults in 23 advanced economies (NCES, 2013). Looking deeper, we see that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) did not put it so nicely. They stated that the US fared badly in all three fields, ranking somewhere in the middle for literacy but way down at the bottom for technology and math (OECD, 2013). Is this why so many Americans do not understand the national debt, let alone their own?

Just about everyone has seen a Mark Dice video or a Late Night talk show video where someone on the street interviews an average American who is dumber than a bag of rocks. They sign petitions in favor of Nazi Police States, women sign petitions ending Suffrage, and of course, many fail miserably when it comes to history in general.

Sure, you laugh at this, but it should scare you to death. Our math scores are low, our literacy is low, our comprehension of technology is low, and most people found history and government classes boring and were entirely disengaged, and you find humor in this? Is it any wonder that the people of this great nation continue to fight over trivial ideas as though their lives depended on them? Laugh it up, America.

I want you to think about this and what it probably means to you and your family. Ignorance is simply lacking knowledge or awareness in general;  to be uneducated  (ignorant,  n.d.). If one does not have the information necessary to make a sound decision, they are easily led by those who appear to have the information needed. Are you easily led? Do you follow party lines just because? Do you do what you’re told just because someone appears to be in a position of authority?

At some point, it became cool to disregard education. Nerds were frowned upon. The smart were shunned. Why? I remember hearing from classmates that the only reason they even went to school was that their parents made them go, as if being ignorant was something to strive for.

The answer and reason are found in three specific areas: their entertainment, the apathy of their parents, and a government-run education system. Please do not confuse this point. It is not the fault of the video games or the movies we watch per se; instead, it is the people and messages that children are allowed to idolize without direction. The parents do not question their children’s curriculum and do not take time at home to teach their children anything. Of course, I understand the difficulty of a parent being expected to do this, considering most parents were educated in the same system. This is ignorance breeding ignorance, by the way.

Seriously! How is identifying civilizations in North America during the pre-Columbian era going to help you? How is understanding the role of religion regarding the growth and development of the United States really relevant, especially when they REFUSE to cover Deism or Unitarianism? What about the Civil War? Why are they teaching it had everything to do with slavery?

Not only is an amazing amount of information NOT being taught, but the information they are teaching is also contorted, to say the least. Since we have focused on the Bill of Rights in my work, it seems only wise to demonstrate the point of this article using the very same.

In the book, “United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination,” which acts as a study guide for the Advanced Placement US history test, it says the following about the Second Amendment: “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia” (Newman & Schmalbach, 1998). Now, understand that this book also serves as a guide to accompany a year-long course in AP or honors US history. The problem here is that the Second Amendment does not say that. So they are literally changing history (books and all), and this is what will be considered “honors US History“? You should know that this is just one example of many.

If you have not figured it out by now, let me be blunt: modern education is NOT education in the classical sense. Education, by definition, is an enlightening experience. I would imagine many of you have been more enlightened by reading a few articles on this site than you were during the entirety of your education. Now, think about your kids; think about today’s generation or even the next. We are in trouble because today’s education standards amount to control, indoctrination, and elimination of free thought. Constitutional principles are slipping in this country because they are not being taught at school or at home, and what is being taught at school (as demonstrated) is not exactly accurate.

There has been a deliberate dumbing down of the people in this great nation. It is not only obvious but also extremely easy to demonstrate. If you make the mistake of trying to condone, explain, or excuse this atrocity, then you are aiding and abetting the enemy of your country. This practice of rendering the people stupid is unacceptable.

It is not just in certain subjects; it is in all subjects. This includes basic things like health. Did you know they teach that salt is bad for you even though salt is critical to your life? They teach that antibiotics are a good thing and that bacterium is bad. One almost has to laugh at the idea of having a “health” class that will not address cultured food or the words of Hippocrates. Of course, no one thinks about the long-term effects or the chronic diseases that may come with such ideas. Hence, dumb Americans are becoming obese and sick in droves. Perhaps the goal is to allow the ignorant to kill themselves off.

It becomes just sad when the average person cannot assess potential dangers due to their unbelievable ignorance as well. All of the signs and labels state what some deem to be the obvious, all because there are people who simply cannot think.

I can give you a great example of this. Between 2004 and 2009, water suppliers across the US (public city water) detected 316 contaminants in water supplied to the public. The list of detected contaminants includes 97 agricultural pollutants, including pesticides and chemicals from fertilizer—and manure-laden runoff; 204 industrial chemicals from factory discharges and consumer products; 86 contaminants linked to sprawl and urban areas or from polluted runoff and wastewater treatment plants; 42 pollutants that are byproducts of the water treatment processes or that leach from pipes and storage tanks (EWG, 2009). None of these are things that people would want to drink voluntarily.

The problem here is that the human brain is about 75% water. So those who drink from the tap in contaminated areas potentially feed their brains the very same water that has 316 contaminants in it. Can you imagine what this might do to brain function? Now, some can weigh the risks before tipping back the glass, but many simply cannot. The point is not to make you want to stop drinking the water; the point is that many people simply cannot draw the correlation between cause and effect, and this is primarily because they believe that since the government provides it, it has to be safe even though the evidence suggests otherwise. Why? Indoctrination. Perhaps the point is that people have lost the ability to think for themselves, courtesy of the public school system.

Can we really be shocked, though? Surely more people walked away from high school asking themselves, “is that it?” Maybe this, too, should not be a surprise. After all, the teachers were not only produced in that system; they were also born out of that system, the very same system that teaches that the purpose of education is for your career. Perhaps none of us should be shocked at how dumb so many Americans really are.

So ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is Common Core?
  • Why do so many Private School kids and Home School kids seem so advanced?

We must stop pandering to the ignorant mass. Carry yourself as an intellectual and act accordingly. Be smart. Attempt to get smarter. Walk away from the morons.

For the religiously guided, I provide you the following: Proverbs 9:6-16 “Leave the company of ignorant people, and live. Follow the way of knowledge.”

Let me leave you with two more things to consider. The first is an article from 2020 titled “Public Education as Public Indoctrination.” This article describes how both red and blue states are twisting the information. The second is the following video. Perhaps this video will provide some hope.

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