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Socialism: The Social Experiment

Let’s talk about socialism. For this, allow me to use an analogy. You go to the city pound, where you see one dog after another in their tiny little cages. They appear sad, shaking, and perhaps even hungry. You do not really question the conditions of the pound; you merely want to rescue them all. […]

A Rant About Free Stuff

I wanted to take a few minutes and vent about something that encompasses many of my work’s points. It is sort of a tough topic, and it has multiple sides and angles. I won’t be able to hit them all, but I do want to hit on a few. Understand that these are just things […]

The Pursuit of Profit – Evil Or Not?

It was recently mentioned to me that “In today’s world, there is a growing segment of our society who view profits as wrong, as evil. Corporations, companies, and others who pursue the profit motive are often considered mean, selfish, and unethical because it takes advantage of workers and the less fortunate.” This statement was then […]

The True Face of Socialism – Not Pretty

Let us discuss why socialists and socialism are so bad. What is it about socialism and communism that I despise? Let’s level-set and revisit a few definitions. Socialism: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods (socialism, n.d.). Socialism: a […]

Economic and Projection Model Updates

This article is a follow-up to previous articles concerning economic and war cycles that have been identified and discussed over the previous two decades. Specifically, it is the continuation of work that began in 1999 and is meant to supplement previous statements and projections. For more information on those cycles, CLICK HERE. I write this […]

Defining the Irony of the Left

Last night, I was thinking about a few things, and a thought crossed my mind that just pissed me off. How are people so easily led into something they would otherwise hate? But instead of hating it, they learn to love it and defend it as though it were doing something great. Let me give […]

Redistribution & Socialism – Consider This

Redistribution and socialist ideas seem to be gaining popularity lately. Much of this could be blamed on poor education, especially regarding history. But ponder this: “is it ethical or not… to take something from someone and give it to another?“ In order to address this in the manner most logical, one must remove the emotional side […]