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Socialism: The Social Experiment

Let’s talk about socialism. For this, allow me to use an analogy. You go to the city pound, where you see one dog after another…

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A Rant About Free Stuff

I wanted to take a few minutes and vent about something that I feel encompasses many of the points within my work. It is sort…

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The Pursuit of Profit – Evil Or Not?

It was recently mentioned to me that “In today’s world there is a growing segment of our society who view profits as wrong, as evil….

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The True Face of Socialism – Not Pretty

Let us discuss why socialists and socialism are so bad. What is it about socialism and communism that I despise? Let’s level-set and revisit a…

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Economic and Projection Model Updates

This article is a follow-up to previous articles concerning economic and war cycles that have been identified and discussed over the previous two decades. Specifically,…

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Defining the Irony of the Left

Last night, I was thinking about a few things, and a thought crossed my mind that just pissed me off. How are people so easily…

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Redistribution & Socialism – Consider This

Redistribution and socialist ideas seem to be gaining popularity lately. Much of this could be blamed on poor education; especially in regard to history. But ponder…