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Effectiveness of Amazon.com

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Amazon.com. So let us take a moment to talk about their rise. The concept of Organizational effectiveness is an abstract concept that can sometimes be difficult to measure. However, by determining certain proxy measures that are used to represent effectiveness, we can […]

Walmart – Misalignment of Goals and Leadership

How can the world’s largest privately held corporation be willfully blind to some of its more systemic problems? The simple answer may be fear, but nonetheless, the result has already taken its toll and will continue to expand in scope moving forward unless someone in leadership begins to heal the gaping wounds. The direction the […]

Walmart and the Baldrige Award

Executive Summary Walmart saw a growth rate of just over 10% between 2008 and 2014, but that pales in comparison to competitors like Amazon, which boasts a growth rate of over 230% in that same time. This might have something to do with the lack of investment in innovations to solve problems that customers repeatedly have. The […]

Needed Organizational Improvements in Walmart

Executive Summary With the domestic and global economy continuing to decline, the wave of the future in the retail environment will not be found in old thinking. Walmart, the world’s largest privately held corporation, is no exception. They may be the proof. Amazon.com and other innovative retailers are shutting their brick-and-mortar stores left and right, […]

Walmart and the Necessary Change

Abstract Economic issues have presented plenty of problems for all types of organizations in our country, especially retail businesses. While not invincible, Walmart appears to have a leg up regarding survivability. This survivability seems ingrained into the company culture, which has existed since the beginning. This paper explores Walmart’s ever-expanding role regarding its survival when […]