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Economic and Projection Model Updates

This article is a follow-up to previous articles concerning economic and war cycles that have been identified and discussed over the previous two decades. Specifically, it is the continuation of work that began in 1999 and is meant to supplement previous statements and projections. For more information on those cycles, CLICK HERE. I write this … Read more

Market Crash and Global War?

Several have asked about the projection model and whether anything regarding the war and economic upheaval has changed since Trump was elected. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I am sorry to report that, unfortunately, everything is status quo. In fact, I venture to say that perhaps things are right on … Read more

World War III – A Scenario Worth Reviewing

Tensions are high around the world. Some believe that the world’s superpowers are about to collide in a massive world war. Others envision a war with China or Russia in a one-on-one scenario. Either way, most know that something big is about to occur. Unfortunately, this might be sooner rather than later. The truth is that … Read more

“I’ve Heard This For Years”

So you’ve heard this before? Well, what I am about to write, runs the risk of sounding rather braggadocios, and I apologize in advance for it. But I am not writing this to toot my own horn, and I’m not writing this to pound my chest. I am writing this to help clarify what I … Read more

Why We Know Trouble Is Coming

Every once in a while, you hear Ph.D.s, philosophers, and writers talking about the “coming war,” or an “inevitable disaster,” or something along similar lines. The central theme of this article is no different. However, one should ask themselves exactly how these people can be so darn certain that trouble is on the way. Can … Read more

The Coming Global Crisis

Is a global crisis nearing? Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc. Oil, the Petrodollar, terrorism, international economics, the UN. It does not take much imagination to glimpse the possibility of a third global war. With the nations provided, a simple mistake and you have a World War scenario based on alliances alone, similar to … Read more